When Art Meets The Science

Date:  Apr 25, 2016

It’s Sunday again.  It is a day that I can spent quality time with my kids in the afternoon.  So, where shall we go?  Let’s visit museum again.

The Future World- where Art Meets Science.  It is exhibited in Art Science Museum at MBS.


Of course there are two exhibits, so, we did both of them.  But it will be wise to do the “The Art & Science of Gems” first.  As that one expect to take shorter time, as for the “Future World” since it is interactive, kids love it and you will spent a lot more time there.  And expect to have queues too.  They can have 380 people at one time in the exhibit, anything more than that, you will need to queue and wait.


The Gems exhibitions is not entirely on Jewelries.

DSC02245 (1).jpg

It is about how rocks been policed into gold and diamond.


It is amazing to find rocks that looks like this, and turned into beautify ruby jewelries.  This is the Tiger Eye Ruby rock.


Guess what rock is this?  It does not glow by the way.


This is most common rocks – Quartz.  Yes, those that you can find from your watch.


Of course, there are places for the kids to have fun too inside the museum.


The kids learned how the little ruby got “stucked” onto the rock.  Hahaha, no, it is not stucked, it is the rock itself.  Can you see the little yellowish ruby on the rock?


This one can see much clearer.


Looks like this.  Top polished, and bottom unpolished.


Superman crystal?  No, it is Quartz.


It is a totally new science that is different from biology.  Studying minerals and rocks.


It’s beautiful too.


Of course, there are things for the kids to do too.  How about making your own crystal.


Kids can make their own diamond, jewelries here.


See how many I have?


That concludes our tour to the Art & Science of Gems.

It is fun to show the kids all sort of rocks.  And what rocks can be turned into.  Especially they see the rocks has been polished into very nice jewelries.

Now we proceed to the Future World – Where Art meets Science exhibition.  There is a long queue out there, so the boys were sitting down and play with the Rubik’s cube.  Let’s take a break.

After 15 minutes of queuing up.  Finally we can get in.

The first room.  Is a projections on you.


Its about life.


It is beautiful.  But don’t know how to capture it using camera.  hahaha


It is peaceful.

Then, we entered this room.


The wave is moving.


It is nice.

We can sit down at the bean chair there and enjoy the wave movement.


No wonder kids love this place.  There is a slide in here.


Yeah, slides.

Everything is so interactive.  Like this game they are playing, is actually art drawings.  But when you place a pan some where, the fire will show up followed by an sunny side egg.

How about this.  By placing different coloured blocks, rail way will be build, train will run, water way will be build, boat will sail.


They even projected the city you are building onto the big screen.

Kids love to move blocks.  And when the block stopped railway is connected.



But nothing is cooler than this.  Kids can draw building, rocket ships, planes, trucks.  They can color it what ever they like.


Like I painted my fighter jet like this.  With a bright pink green yellow and red kaboom fire power.


Get it scanned!


What it does, within 3 seconds, your drawings or rather, your fighter jet is ready to fly on to the big big screen.


Here comes my plane on the big projected screen.

My plane my plane it is up there.. that is what all the kids shouted.


They even have a game build in.  When there is a monster appear, you can press on to your plane, and your plane will start fire rockets to the monster…

Oh ya.  I also draw a building.  The KEN Tower.


It is fun!  And the kids love it.

In the next room, you will find exactly same thing.  But it is undersea ocean theme.

Guess who draw this.  Kay octopus.


How about this.  Kay Fish.


And the genius daddy come up with this.


A crab overlay on a shark drawing paper.  And here comes the Crab.


Yup.  Kay Kay is the one that scanned the crab.


That concludes our tour today.  I found that Future world is not a art exhibition. But rather it is a play ground for kids.  Kids love interactions, with all these interactions in there, kids can stay inside the museum for many many hours.  And it is worth to re-visit it with friends too.


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