SA1 Chinese Revision

Date:  Apr 23, 2016

Again, we not going to buy or use any assessment book.  As requested by Jay Jay.

And since we going for a short vacation to Loola Resort (Bintan) few days just before the SA1, I think I better do a revision with Jay Jay before the trip during the Labour Day weekend.

As usual, my method is very simple.

He has to know by hard every characters in 4A.

  • His home teacher only requires him to listen (to the text reading by home teacher) every day.  The more he reads the more he will get familiarise with these characters.
  • I created the flash cards for him.  While waiting for bus, can test him.  It is easy to bring around.


  • The flash cards are useful.  Because when you test him, you will know which characters he really has trouble remembering.


This is a trampoline.


If you have a trampoline, then, you make him jump up and down the trampoline while testing him.  This is some skill I learned from BrainFit.  While jumping (exercising), some part of the brain is activated, and that will help him to remember the words.


I can assure you, this is a very cool way to remember things.  🙂

Of course, if you don’t want to use the flash card, there is an app for it.  I think this is a very good app.


So for his level, I only click on the 4A.


You can select shuffle or non-shuffle.


And then, all the words will come up.  All these are the words approved by MOE.  If they don’t know the word, click on the speaker icon will read out the words and the common phrases making use of this word.  If you know the word, then click green tick.  If you don’t know, then, click red cross.

Later you can go back to the menu to revise the words.  This app is good for SA1 or SA2 for each level.  definitely going to be very useful in PSLE.


The other things is letting him watch the Super Teacher how to write composition.


Hopefully, thru all these preparations, reading the text book, he knows and leaned all these well.  In my opinion, doing assessment book will lowered the child learning ability.  So, you must always make it fun to learn.  Make the environment fun.

And while Kay kay is watching Cartoon, Jay is learning.  Let him wear a headset so to lower down the distraction from the TV.



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