Kids Kicking & Making Ice Cream

Date:  Apr 8, 2016

The kids tried to make ice cream two weeks ago.


The follow this recipe from a cook book borrowed from the Library.


Let’s do it.


Now place the ice in.


Its all done!  Let’s kick it!


So, the aim is to kick the milk tin very violently, so it has a lot of motion within the milk tin and the ice will kick start the low temperature effect.


Making ice cream just like a football match.

The kids were having so much fun.  And they are making lots of noises.  So we have to move downstairs.

Roll the tin when you get tired.


The key is to roll the milk tin, the more you roll, the more the icing effect going to be.  So, they started to do this.

Roll the tin to each other might not be so violent.  But it is a good move.


Remember, you need to move, spin, kick the milk tin for almost 30-45 minutes in order to make the ice cream.  We still don’t know will it succeed or not.

Let’s see how is it?


Looks like the ice has turned into water.  Let’s do the first check (30 minutes).

Oh no, not yet ready, so, we throw away the water, put in new ice, remove the ice pack (may be that is the root cause, we put a ice pack which is not going to be so icy).  OK, kids, let’s kick again…


I think the kids getting very tired after 45 minutes of non-stop exercising.

Let’s check it out again … after 50 minutes.

So we end up having milk shake instead.  Not ice cream.


It is a damn good yummy milk shake too.  Well done kids.


Post mortem:

  1.  I think it was a mistake to place the ice pack in.  Ice pack is very big, not cold, and the rock sand cannot create the icing effect as it move lesser.  And thus, temperature not getting lowered and the ice has less space to move because of the bulky ice pack, and thus, all the ice melted.
  2. I think the 75% of the kids are too skinny and no strength.  It should be adult to kick the ball.  So that you can kick very violently.  So, if it is not enough violent, and the ice will not go reaction with the rock sands and cause the temperature to go down.  Instead less violent, the ice will be melted.
  3. El Nino effect kind of crazy super hot temperature cause the ice in the milk tin to melt even faster.

Tonight the kids did a great job.  It is a great outing and great experience for the kids.  Although we did not succeed but the fun is there.  All of us are having lots of fun!

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