Lego Land Visit (2015)

Date: June 27, 2015

On the Father’s Day, I suggested the kids to “bring me” the big kid to Legoland.  And both Jay and Kay are so happy.

Half an hour later, we arrived at Legoland.

 IMG 5489

It shall be the first time where both Jay and Kay are driving the Lego cars on the same road with traffic lights.

IMG 5494

He is so happy about it.  And he has a driving license.  HaHaHa…

IMG 5498

There is always lots of things for the boys to do.

IMG 5509

Perhaps one the main attractions this time is the Earth Quake machine.  They spent quite some time here to build the building that can withstand the strongest earth quake.

IMG 5520

They aim is to build the tallest and stable building.

IMG 5524

This is my design.  I thought may be do something that has a hole in the middle will be challenging.  But I did not expect that it last so long.

So I decided to build it even taller.  Seems the theory sounds very solid.  And it was completely destroyed.

On the other hand, Jay and mommy build a similar one, stealing the idea from Kay and myself.  But they placed the middle stabilising pillar.  Looks very promising.

And it really did not drop.

But the second time they make the quake, it was destroyed.  HaHaHaHa!

You can tell the kids were having lots of fun!

IMG 5528

This is the winning design.  🙂

IMG 5531

Kay has grown up.  He becomes more gutsy!  He likes the roller coaster.  So, we sat 5 times on the Big dragon.  We did not even bother to go for the smaller dragon ride.

IMG 5539

We sat in the middle, we sat at the dragon head, we sat at the tail, etc etc.  He just love it!

IMG 5544

Ayo…. I sit until I want to vomit.  hahaha

IMG 5547

Hey look at what I am wearing today!

IMG 5551

We love R2D2

IMG 5552

Jay Jay force push the Millennium Falcon.

IMG 5563

Millennium really good looking!

IMG 5567

Hey look!  It is Luke Skywalker.

IMG 5605

Spotted Dart Vadar.

IMG 5582

Kids enjoy Robotics.

IMG 5587

And he really grew up.  He is more than 110cm now, and are able to sit in most of the rides.

IMG 5588

And we sit in this Techniq for 5 times too.  Hahahahahaha.  Really feel like vomiting.  HaHaHa

IMG 5599

So, after 3 years.  Legoland is still my kids’ #1 choice of theme park.  The reason is the queue is shorter than others.

But as they slowly grew up, they will have lesser things to sit.

So, while they still young, let them go more times and enjoy the park!

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