Goli @ Home

Date:  Jan 25, 2015

I have this putting mat at home.  

IMG 7130

It comes with some very shallow holes.  (about 1-2mm heights)

IMG 7135

I also got a few boxes of “Goli-es” (Marbles).  

IMG 7254

Let’s play Goli!  (Marbles)

IMG 7229

You can set up all kinds of rules.

IMG 7242

We bought this from the Best Toy Shop.  It is a marble counting system.  You shoot the marbles from far, and landed on the hole with points marked on it.

IMG 7280

He shoot so many onto it.

IMG 7243

I have this golf putting cup.  So, all you do is to roll the goli up the slope, and it will automatically roll down to the hole.

IMG 7282

The shallow golf holes are not easy, ok!  If you roll it too hard, it will come out. 

IMG 7247

Like that, the kids play goli for the whole night.  HaHaHaHa

IMG 7235

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