Toboggan – The Only Activities That Guarantees 100% Smile and Laughters

Date:  Dec 17, 2014

During winter time, I can ensure you an activity where you will get 100% smiles and laughters from your kids.

That means, almost all the photos you taken, there are 100% sure smiles in the photos.


This is an activity about S-P-E-E-D.

IMG 0982

Kids love to race.  When there are happy, you know it.  See how Kay Kay stick his tongue out.

IMG 0983

And he neh neh poo poo his brother.

IMG 0984

Jay Jay fell.  And Kay Kay focus in driving to ensure he doesn’t fall too.

IMG 0985

We have a winner.

IMG 0986

Jay Jay fell and laugh.

IMG 0989

What a fun race.

IMG 0990

The Tan’s brother are on the race next.

IMG 0995

Get a feel of how fast they are tobogganing down.

Very fast indeed.

IMG 1010

Now, Jay Jay going to try the daring move.

IMG 1011

He is going to overtake…

IMG 1012

Overtake from the other side??

IMG 1014

And bang…. one down…

IMG 1016

two down..  with a big smile.

IMG 1019

Kids just love to speed and crash into other.  

Parents, just relax.  (My wife a bit kan-ciong) when they fall.  It is OK one.

Now, 4 race together.

IMG 1040

 and 4 crash together.

IMG 1045

and 4 try to save themselves from the crash.

IMG 1046

and all down.

IMG 1096

It is very fun.  Let’s walk back up again.  You do realise that the kid have tremendous energy and never say tired when they bring their toboggan back up to the slope.  Yeap, like that walk up, slide down many times until the sky turns dark.

IMG 1088

It’s time to go home.

IMG 5233

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