Snow Ball Fights with Snow Ball Maker

Date:  Dec 18, 2014

This is the snow ball maker.

You can buy it at Hokkaido for S$16 or S$30 depending on where you get it.  They usually sell it at the Snow Activity Store.

Or you can get it from Taobao for CNY$16.  (They are cheaper one too).

No matter where you buy it, it’s worth while to bring it all the way to Hokkaido. 

IMG 6171

Of course, you need the “mommies” to do the hard work.  Let them be the one to “make” the snow balls.


Very easy to do.  “Kiap” the snow together, and the snow ball is formed.


These are the snow ball bullets.


First you must train the kids to throw properly.


Just outside the Rusutsu hotel back door, you will see a lot of all these round round sign board.  That will be the kids training targets.


Of course, the women make the bullets, the kids throws them.  And what does the men do?  

Well, we are the “moving targets”.  Yeah!


Let the snow ball fights begin!


The kids will sure had a lot of fun!

The only risk is the camera.  Let’s fight.

IMG 5366


IMG 5368

What a fun thing to do… after lunch…

IMG 5369

More incoming…

IMG 5370

What a fun fun day!

IMG 5367

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