The Snow Rides

Date:  Dec 18, 2014

During our vacation, there are many things to do.  Including picking up icicles. 

 IMG 5001

Enjoying the beautiful winter scenery.

IMG 5039

Taking good pictures…

IMG 5059

All geared up.  The next ride is going to be exciting for the kids.

IMG 5068

Yeap!  We finally try the snow mobile.

IMG 5094

Kay Kay finally old enough to sit behind me.

IMG 5101

It is a very short ride.  15 minutes.  But it is cool.

IMG 5104

Jay & his ride.

IMG 3666

Taking photo with the ride.

IMG 5124

On the third day, we went up for another kind of ride.  The old uncle give us a lift using his snow mobil.

IMG 5354

Yeap… Dog Sleds ride.  Of course, daddy is the first one to go to test the ride to feel the ride to see if it is fit for the kids…

IMG 1479

Lukas mommy goes next…

IMG 1509

Sleds… The kids are now under training for handling the sleds…

IMG 5359

And here come the dogs…


Nice doggie…


Are you ready Jay?  Here comes another dog.


Let’s go!  Go go go!

IMG 1525

Jay dog sled ride.  He felt down half way.

No worry, get your feet up and ride back.  He has so much fun!  Here is the coming back ride…

It is a one round ride.  But good enough for the kids to feel the speed.

IMG 1533

Jay Jay loves it!

IMG 1543

Louis up next.  And he did it splendidly too!

IMG 1576

The blizzard is cooperating.  We have not too strong snow storm that day to take the ride.  Here comes Lukas daddy.

IMG 1601

It was a beautiful day.

IMG 1617

And here comes my wife.

IMG 1621

Here comes Lukas.

IMG 1634

Kay Kay still too small size to stand on the sled.  So, he gets to sit down.  And enjoy the speed.

IMG 1641

Weeee… Here goes Kay Kay.

This was my wife rides.

We all enjoyed the dog sled rides.

IMG 1660

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