Kay Kay & His First Ski Experience

Date:  Dec 17, 2014

This is a memorable trip for our Kay Kay.

Because in this Hokkaido trip, Kay Kay learned how to ski.

IMG 5186

It was his very first experience in learning how to ski.


May be of his super light weight, he handles it pretty well!

IMG 0582

The 2 hours seeing the kids learning, you can see big smile on their face all the time.

IMG 0600

Some time even stick out the tongue to express his over joy.

IMG 0616

And the best thing is, it is in Hokkaido beautiful powdery snow ground.  So, no matter how many times you fell, you won’t feel pain in your butt.  The weather is not too awfully cold too.  Although we faced with some blizzard problem the other day, but no problem for the kids.

IMG 0620

Kay Kay is 5 years old.  He is about 1 year younger than Jay Jay when Jay Jay first learn how to ski.

IMG 0622

Look how comfortably he is walking on the snow.  I think he is really light weight, i.e. 17KG, that is why he can handle it well.

Fell down also does not matter.  They just keep getting up and try.  

We sent him there to learn how to ski because we wanted to pull the gap more narrow between him and his brother, Jay Jay.

IMG 0647

As you know, Jay Jay is 3 years older.  So, in our family, we need these two brother to be 相亲相爱.  Learn things together.  Some sports are just not suitable for younger kids.  So, for those that is suitable, we will select them and put it in the category that both Jay and Kay can learn together.  It is important to have the brothers to learn things together, to have same memory of what they have done together.  


First time, down the small slope.  And he kept his balance.  And look at his big smile.  And finally figure out how to do a big break.

Here is the longer slide.  Look at how well he is controlling the balancing.  OK.  We feel comfort when we see this.  That means he has grown up too, just like our fine Jay Jay.  Some how the kids will grow up very fast when the reach K2.  

Of course, he loves to do funny thing too.  Like picking up the ice/snow on the ground when he is on his ski.

IMG 5211

Can you see my ice/snow?

IMG 0685

This is the kind of bonding we need to induce in the family, instead of having a pair of siblings that always fight.  Since young we have strict house rules to prevent that kind of arguing and fightings at home.  They sleep in their own room together since day 1.  They have to be independent.  When they grew up, they knew they have to depend on each other.  If some one did wrong thing, and both get punished in a good way.  (take away the rewarding part).  They knew they will need to help each other, when Kay Kay fell down, it is Jay Jay’s duty to make sure he get back up to his feet.  This is the kind of brotherhood love we are building between the two brothers.  And we are very glad that it has all been working out very well.   

IMG 0743

The kid still have his own mind power and learning power towards skiing.   When coach talking to him, you see how focus he is listening to the coach.

IMG 0676

He will soon grow into one fine boy just like his brother.  A very different characters but the bonding with his brother are strong.

IMG 0760

He will always put a big huge smile on his face.

IMG 0774

And willing to accept the challenges put in front of him.  In our next trip to Hokkaido, we will put him and his brother on the chair lift.  hahahaha

But before that, we will need to go Sentosa to sit on those smaller chair lifts for training purpose.  hahaha

IMG 0809

似模似样.  Macam like he is expert like that.  But soon, he is going to fell down.  hahahahaha

IMG 0850

He is very happy on his first ski trip.  And I am glad he loves the sport of skiing.

IMG 0896

For my friends who wishes to see all the photos:  https://www.facebook.com/kennethliew/media_set?set=a.10152610301723284.673183283&type=3

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