Where to Eat: Fishmarket beside the Train Station

Dec 15, 2014

Just beside the Otaru JR Train Station, on the right hand side (looking at the Otaru Train Station from the front), there is small stairs case, and that lead up to 三角市场 Seafood Market.

You can buy fresh seafood in there, as well as restaurant that will cook the seafood you bought in there.

Let’s try it out!

IMG 4924

We found this restaurant.  Got a lot of people in it.

IMG 4958

The owner of the restaurant.

IMG 4960

It can’t go wrong when you see lots of photos and signature of the famous people hanging on the wall.

That means this has to be a famous store, and many famous people came here to taste the food.

IMG 4927

I had never eaten the king crab before.  I could not possibly eat this in Singapore because it cost a bomb to eat it.

IMG 4928

Let’s choose one and steam it.

IMG 3582

This is the one I chosen.  Very fierce.

IMG 3583

Ya… I am going to eat you later.

IMG 3587

Let’s talk about the Uni and how we get them.  While they cooking the king crab.

When you are in this kind of fresh seafood store, and when you need to buy the Uni, do not buy the one I am holding it in my hand.

That kind of packaging always add some food addictive in the Uni to preserve the freshness.

(The one holding in the hand, contains food addictive)

IMG 3588

What you should buy is this sort of packaging.  You thought why they vacuum sealed it/?  But these one is fresh and without any food additive.

IMG 3590

I don’t know what are those.

IMG 3591

The Uni taste really good.

IMG 4929

It looks good too!

IMG 4930

My son Kay Kay eating a big bowl of fish roes rice again.

IMG 4931

This one not so nice.  Very hard to chew.

IMG 4936

Finally, our steam crab is here.

IMG 4937

See the size of the crab?

IMG 4938

We are going to eat you!

IMG 4942

We need these tools to eat it.

IMG 4946

It looks hard on the shell.  But actually, it is soft.

IMG 4947

After few minutes later, this crab has no legs.  All eaten by us.

IMG 4948

So, let’s open the shell and sea side.

IMG 4949

Not everything we can eat.  We threw away the gills.

IMG 4951

Let’s cut it open and distribute out.

IMG 4952

The crab, not sure how to describe it, it is very good and delicious.

IMG 4955

And we finished it all again.

IMG 4956

Every one is happy and say good!

IMG 4926

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