Jay Grew Up With Robotics

Date:  Dec 5, 2014

When the child is learning, they have amazing brain capacity to do creativity.

The child will learn extremely fast on things that they are interested in.

You have to give the opportunity to the child to learn things that they like.

You can influence the child, or set the stage for him to fell in love with some thing, but you got to give the child full decision making to decide what to learn.

You have to be patient.  Like Jay Jay, he is only 7 years old when he started learning Robotics (Lego Mindstorms).  

Do not expect immediate result.

Do not monitor it so clearly.  Like asking him what he learned every week.

Let him learn on his own pace.

Practice makes perfect.

By the time you want to evaluate what he has learned after 1-2 years later. 

You will be surprise how much he has learned.

Also, if you have siblings, keep the siblings near by.

Let them play together.

IMG 4444

Yesterday, it was the first time I opened the EV3 box for Jay Jay.

So, he spent the day building the robot and testing the robot.

Meet the EV3 robot that Jay build.

IMG 4447

Meet the robot crab target remote control he has build.  The EV3 robot will be program to target its marble gun towards the infra red of this robot crab.

IMG 4454

Of course, he has all the tools to make the robots.

IMG 4455

Here is the result.

At the same time, you also want to train his presentation skills.  🙂

The EV3 robot will search and destroy the robot crab.

So, when you move the robot crab forward, the EV3 robot will move backwards so that it keep a fixed distance to fire the marbles at the robot.

If you move the robot crab backward, the EV3 robot will move forward.

If you move the robot crab to the left, the EV3 robot will align himself towards the new location of the robot crab.

Take a look at this video.  It is amazing.

He did all these all by himself.

But what amaze me the most is, he created this program by himself.

And according to what he told me, he tested it many many times to make it work.

And that is exactly how Wonderworks teacher taught him to do.

At first I thought, where or how did you download the sample program?

Jay said “What sample program?  I write the program myself.”

So, I make him explain to me what the robot do.

IMG 4458

And he can explain.

I was not at home when he does all these.

But I am extremely happy on what I saw.

And finally I can see the results of Wonderworks Robotics class that he has been attending every Saturday afternoon with his good friend Riandy.

When his brother came back…

He show it to Kay Kay.

He actually build this robot for Kay Kay, and promise to let him play when he come back from school.

He also use the old NXT bricks to build a robot with a marble gun.

IMG 4461

And he teaching Kay Kay how to program.  Just a basic.  And Kay Kay listened.

IMG 4463

This is the NXT robot.  Later he will attach the marble guns on it.

IMG 4464

And there it goes.  

Why the boys are interested?

Robot fights.

IMG 4466

Evil Jay Jay put the robot crab on top of Kay Kay’s NXT robot.  So that EV3 robot will always get aligned with NXT robot.  And they started to shoot marble at each other.

It was fun!

IMG 4468

Then, you see Jay Jay busy running back to the room to improve his program.

Later he attached a motor fan on it to spin the fan blade.  hahahahaha

Very creative and very imaginative.

IMG 4476

Thank you all the teachers at wonder works for teaching Jay.

I am sure to keep Jay with Wonderworks for many many terms in future.  To make him more expert in robotics play.

Recently he attend yet another Space Invention Camp.

85% of the materials are new.  

IMG 4402

He got his second wing.

Jay Space Camp 5

In this camp, they spent more times on Robotics.

This robot climbs the tape.

Jay Space Camp 10

They learned to make paper plane shooter.  

Press a button, it shoots paper plane.

Jay Space Camp 13

They also make electric tops.  Better than beyblades.

Jay Space Camp 15

The build complicated robots too.

Jay Space Camp 1

And they all have lots of fun at the space camp.

Jay Space Camp 16

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