Khao Yai Golf Trip (包车打Golf自由行)

Date:  Nov 23, 2014

After the conference, Capacity Asia, 9 of us continue our little Golf conference at Khao Yai.

IMG 3599

Khao Yai is about 2 hours drive from Bangkok, and it is a national park in Thailand.

Usually people came here for the water falls and enjoy the cooling weather.


We came here for the Golf.

To make the trip itinerary simple, I asked my tour guide buddy to arrange every thing for us.

This is Mr. Thomas Kum.  He is our tour guide.  He was a Singaporean.  He and his wife moved to Bangkok and run a small tour agency in Thailand.  His specialty is to arrange golf tours.  And he speak Thai!

IMG 3529

We rented two vans.  Each 11 seaters van can comfortable hold 5-7 golfers (not include driver and tour guide), including the golf bags and small luggage.

IMG 3771

The interior of the van is very fancy and well equipped.

IMG 3774

Renting van is useful.  Especially in Khao Yai, as I really don’t see there is any taxi on the street. 

IMG 3770

If you recall my Bangkok Vacation last year in June, I went to Bangkok to avoid the Haze with Jay and Kay together with 2 other families.  And he can do such tour too.

This is his name card.  I have been asking him to arrange Golf trips in Thailand many times.


1.  Day 1 – Rancho Charnvee Resort and Country Club.

After 2 and and half hour drive, we made it to Rancho Charnvee.  We are going to play here.

IMG 3464

This is a nice golf course.  The owner likes horse very much.  So, every where you go within this golf course, you can see this horsey thingy thing.


The course is very well maintained.  The green is VERY CHALLENGING.  I think I average 3-4 putts here at this golf course.


The putting green is been described as “Potato Chip” by one of the golfer.


At the club house, you can see the owner’s boat there.  The old boat is there for long long time.

IMG 3468

The owner was flying his small planes land and take off a couple of time.  There is a airway strip inside the golf course.

IMG 3570

It is is very challenging course.  Every one loves it.  The key is to put the ball near to the pin, then, you are save.  If not, you have to go thru that potato chip style up and downhill green to reach the pin.  To me is very challenging.  You can have really good drive and iron shots, but you might end up 3-4 putts on the green.

A simple meal before we start the game.

IMG 3463

This is the local Thailand wine.  We going to this vineyard the next day.

IMG 3477

2.  Day 1 – Banmai Chay Nam Museum & Restraint

This is an amazing place.  It is at the Pak Chong town.  

IMG 3563

It looks like this at night from outside.  But as soon as you stepped inside it, my jaw drop and my mouth are wide open.

IMG 3516

This place has kept the widest collections of old and memorable stuffs.

IMG 3521

Everything looks nice and vintage.

IMG 3522

It bring back a lot a lot of childhood memories.

IMG 3525

The collections of toys.

IMG 3526

This place is very very big.  So you can imagine things that the owner collects here.

IMG 3527

You can sit inside here.

IMG 3530

Or sit outside.

IMG 3535

Sit beside the river.  

Warning!  A lot of mosquitos.  Bring the insect repellant if you have.

IMG 3538

Really many many places for you to enjoy the views of the vintage stuffs.

IMG 3541

You can tell the owner is a very good collector.

IMG 3542

Have you seen these type of iron before.

IMG 3544

OK.  Let’s check out some of the food.

All the food is Isan style (North Thai).  This one is very tasty and crispy with sort of Thai coconut curry dip.

IMG 3551

I love this dish.  You wrap all these ingredients using the green leaf on the left (not so much in picture).  The ginger, onions, dry shrimps, peanuts, chilli padi, lime and dry coconut with the super powerful tasty dip.  Very very nice.

IMG 3552

The Thai also can do those onsen eggs.  This sad is nice.

IMG 3553

The snake head fish.

IMG 3554

I like the chicken.

IMG 3555

The Kor Moo Yang is really nice!  BBQ Pork Neck.

IMG 3556

We ordered two pots of this Woon Sen Kung.  King Prawn 冬粉. 

IMG 3557

After the meal, let’s walk a little and take a close look at all the vintage collection.

IMG 3559

3.  Day 1 – Massage Place

This massage joint is just opposite Greenery Resort.  It is one of the finest massage near by.  

It close around 9pm.  But thru special arrangement, the owner arranged a 9 person massage for us.  You can see these auntie masseurs ridding motobikes here to do the massage.

All of us do Thai massage in a big hall.  

It was a very good massage.  

If you love massage, you will know many massage in Bangkok, they always have their masseurs came from North Thailand, Isan or Khao Yai this part of area.  So, their skill is there, their strength is there.

IMG 3566

4.  Day 1-3 – Greenery Reorts

This is where we stay.

IMG 3766

The place is OK la.

IMG 3769

From my room, early morning, you can see this.

IMG 3578

Nice cozy little bed.

IMG 3568

Standard hotel room.

IMG 3569

Good morning Khao Yai.

IMG 3575

Not bad la, got water slides too.

IMG 3583

They called it Aqua Zone.  Did you see the Jeep car up there?

IMG 3584

4.  Day 2 – Toscana Valley Golf Resort

This is the place we going to play on day 2.  It is a private club.  Thru some connections, Thomas managed to book this for us to play.

One of the golfer commented, this is the nicest golf course he had every played in Thailand.  (He is very good golfer and played in many golf course in Thailand).

IMG 3586

They try to build the Toscana township there.

IMG 3593

I like the type of trees they planted here.

IMG 3594

OK.  Every one is happy.  Let’s tee off.

IMG 3600

The weather is cooling.  Very nice.

IMG 3601

Let’s tee off.  We are playing YELLOW tee.  Every hole, you will see water.  And some water you need 200 yards to clear it.

You got to tee off good so to play well here.

IMG 3602

The green is a bit slow but once it dries up, it become nice.

IMG 3604

See, water again.  This one is 150 years to clear.

IMG 3605

If no water, you hit into the valley.

IMG 3606

Hill and water combination.  Under cooling weather.  Very nice.

IMG 3615

Toscana Town ship.  Nice.

IMG 3618

Look what I found from my caddie.  It is every hole descriptions.

IMG 3617

5.  Day 2 – Pork Leg Place – Yakha Khao Yai

This is where we having lunch.

IMG 3621

Called Yakha Khaoyai.

IMG 3622

It is famous for Pork Knuckles.  A.k.a Tu-Kar

IMG 3624

Dish shown on Magazine.

IMG 3625

Wow, they also display the Local Wine here.

IMG 3626

The restaurant name.

IMG 3627

This veggies are very nice and fresh.  And spicy too.

IMG 3628

This is the bitter gourd leaves.

IMG 3629

The famous Pork Leg.

IMG 3630

6.  Day 2 – Primo Piazza

This is another interesting place.

IMG 3632

The buildings of course, they imitate the Italian town.  Taking photos here is nice.

IMG 3634

You can eat, drink wine, take coffee, eat ice cream, buy souvenir here.

IMG 3636

Look at this picture, the sky is super nice blue color, the buildings are in very nice yellowish color.  It matches the sky.

IMG 3638

Of course there are sheep here.

IMG 3659

Lot’s of them too.  A nice place to visit for only taking photos.

IMG 3662

And drink coffee and eat ice cream.

IMG 3664

7.  Day 2 – GranMonte Vineyard

There are only 4 Vineyards in Thailand.  There are about 2 at Khao Yai.

Thomas knew the owner of GranMonte very well, so, he brought us here.

IMG 3668

The vineyard is just beside the mountains.  The weather is quite cool here.

IMG 3678

These are the grapes.  (Flowers about to become Grapes)

IMG 3673

That is how big the grapes farm.

IMG 3679

This young lady, “Nikki” (I think younger than 30 years old) is the currently wine maker in this vineyard.

IMG 3677

She is featured on paper.

IMG 3725

On Magazines.

IMG 3726

She is the lady of the Vineyard.  She is the owner’s daughter.  Went to Australia to study and work in the Vineyard for 6 years then come back to Thailand to help his father to run the Vineyard.

IMG 3729

With her father permission, we are allow to check out the Winery.  It’s a short walk to there.

IMG 3684

Along the way, we see the Restaurant that we going to eat later.

IMG 3680

Hmmm… What is Wine Dogs Compound?

IMG 3685

 Wow… This tree… is…

IMG 3690

The Devil Tree.  Looks harmless from outside.

IMG 3689

 That is the Winery.

IMG 3691

Wow.. Got guest house too.

IMG 3692

Let’s open the door and show us the Winery.

IMG 3693

Oh… It looks like this.

IMG 3695

This is where the grapes being pressed.

IMG 3696

The fermentation takes place here.

IMG 3698

Nikki is explained to every one how the wine is made.

IMG 3704

Let’s open another big door.

IMG 3706

The barrels.

IMG 3708

All date are marked on the barrels.

IMG 3710

The bottles are tilted so that it can soak the cork.

IMG 3712

The night view of the restaurant.

IMG 3716

This is the wines produced by this Vineyard.

IMG 3713

They run a small shop here selling lots of stuffs.

IMG 3721

OK.  I am going to use this for the Christmas Turkeys.

IMG 3723

Wine Tasting time…

IMG 3717

I love this Rose.  Very refreshing and very nice.

IMG 3719

All the wines they have.

IMG 3732

Made in Thailand.

IMG 3733

The price of the Wine.  

Oh ya.  All wine, be it made in overseas import here or made in Thailand are subjected to very high LUXURY TAX.  That is why the wine is expensive because of that.

IMG 3731

A lot of wine won award here and there.  This is the one I like.  Sakuna.

IMG 3734

I bought a lot of things.  These are part of the stuffs I bought home.  (not in pictures are Christmas present, hahahaha)

IMG 3872

8.  Day 2 – Vin Cotto Restaurant Inside The Vineyard

Today, we are going to open good wines and pair with the food here.

IMG 3737

Every one is waiting for the food.

IMG 3739

By the way, they sell Grapes fruit juice here too.  Hahahahaha… For Muslim friend & non wine drinker, he can ask the waitress to pour the Grapes juice into the wine glass and pretend to drink too.  The color of the fruit juice looks exactly like the wine color.  Hahahaha

IMG 3745

We let the food expert and wine expert do the ordering.

IMG 3749

Squid ink.

IMG 3751

This is the most tasty braise pork we have.  Very very nice.  Very very yummy.  Very very nice!

IMG 3752

The Ribs braised in Red Wine is also very nice.  This come second.

IMG 3753

And this is the grapes produced in this vineyard.  Very very very berry nice!  The skin is not too thick and the inner fruits is very sweet!

IMG 3754

9.  Other photos

At night chill out at the cafe table downstairs at the hotel.  People here are friendly.  Buy two beers, and they supply the glass and ice for the liquor.

IMG 3755

The sun rise on the third day.

IMG 3758

The nice Bak Mi at the Airport.  I think from Lemon Tree.

IMG 3777

Oh ya, I have also asked Thomas to arrange pick ups for 3 flights (12 persons) to play at The Vintage Club before the conference.  He arranged two vans to pick all of us from Airports that comes from different timing.  Those who arrives early went for 1.5 hour massage before starting the game.  Then, we have dinner at the Airport there.  Very nice food, and then, he sent us back to individual Hotel.

IMG 3347

I had a great game there.  Why?  This is Hole #2, 103 yard.  See that pin there beside the water?  I hit the ball and the ball went into the hole.

IMG 3351

My first Hole In One.

IMG 3352

Picked up the ball already.

IMG 3355

 I made a nice video using “Replay” (The one that is featured on the recent Apple iPhone 6 launch).

 I feel good … really good that day.

IMG 3384

That concludes our Golf + Conference trip in Bangkok.

IMG 3402

Today, received the certificates.  It will be on the way back this week.  

Screen Shot 2014 11 24 at 8 17 27 pm

That day is a good day.  Got 3 pars  and a hole in one.  🙂

Screen Shot 2014 11 24 at 8 18 18 pm

Summary of Comments:

1.  Just like in Taiwan, I have a tour agency friend here.  Good to have him so that he can help me to arrange everything.

2.  I got to thanks Thomas to accommodate to all the last minutes changes that I have requested.

3.  On the very last day, we confirm 1-2 more players playing.  And it is so hard to organise trips if there are people cannot decide or change their mind.

4.  The most important thing is we have a English speaking (Singaporean) tour guide who can speak Thai and help us to order food and so on.  This is very important and that is why it makes the trip fun.

5.  Some of the golf course he has arranged have good relationship that he can do a lot of last minute changes.  However many courses does not allow such changes.  So, selecting of golf courses is very important too.

6.  After this trip, our golf kakis are so happy that they played in some of the nicest course in Thailand.

7.  I am happy because I scored a hole in one.


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