Model Pupil

Date:  Nov 15, 2014

This year, Jay Jay has greatly achieved all the goals that he set for himself.

Towards the end of the year, this is the most happiest moment Jay Jay had. 

IMG 3189

He is going to receive a prize on the last day of school.

IMG 9959

He is named the Model Pupil in his class.


This is probably the best present for himself.  He has been working so hard during the P2 years.

IMG 0071

We have to thank Madam Lu for guiding him and be patient with him.


In school, he is in charge of cleaning the table in the canteen after the recess time.  He is also in charge of a team to clean the table in the canteen.

He was rewarded points for cleaning the table.  He make sure his teammates also clean the table well in order to go for the Team points.  

At the year end, his team has scored the highest points compare to other teams.  

Most of the kids will rush off and play during the recess time.  But he will make sure every one complete the cleaning table task before going to play.

That shows some leadership quality.

He helped Madam Lu to take heavy things.

In class, he helped the classmates in his team to catch up with their homework.  He will teach them how to do.  

He cared for things happened around him.

He is cheerful, and he is helpful.

That is why, he was awarded the “Model Pupil” prize for his class.

IMG 0173

Good job Jay Jay.

IMG 9973

Some thoughts…

1.  During primary school years, kids should enjoy the precious childhood years.

2.  It is also important to build up the good characters since young. 

3.  In my humble home, there is only few very strict and scary house rules the kids have to follow.

     a.  Respect elders, respect others.  When adults are talking, eye contacts has to be there.  Ear must listen.  This includes domestic helper too.  Yup, they will get canned if they do not respect our domestic helper at home.

     b.  Cannot lie.  Cannot blame others if you do wrong thing.  Cannot cheat.  

     The kids will always get canned if they did not follow these house rules.

4.  Jay Jay has come a long way to win this “Model Student” prize.  He almost become a “bad student” last year, but thanks to the patient from Madam Lu, 知错能改 and thanks to all the efforts Jay Jay has put in himself, he has shows some good quality of leadership and care.  And by going extra steps, he has earned himself this “Model Pupil” prize.

5.  He is also recommended to be a Prefect for next year too.  He is very happy about it and feel very proud of it too.  This is what he has aimed for since the beginning of the year.  And he has finally got it (I think).

I am so happy to see his achievement and will wish him to continue this way.  🙂 

Well done Jay Jay.  Daddy Mommy and Kay Kay all are very proud of your achievement!  Keep up the good work!

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