Something Has Changed Me. TRA or R2? or G3?

Date:  Nov 20, 2012

Almost 30 days I have survived the NuSkin TRA (The Right Approach) fat loss program.  Another 60 days to go.

My bicycle tyre punctured.  So, my wife sent in my bike to Trek for repair, change tyre and servicing.  What?  Trek needs few days to fix my bike because of a long queue.  OK, what shall I do for the new few days?  Walk and slow run lor.

So, I have been running for 3 days straight now.  And I have noticed something that is different about me.

Usually for the past 42 years.  I can only run or jog for a while.  Like every 200 meter, I have to rest a while, and my heart is beating very hard, and cause a bit of slight pain here and there.  This is true when I last run at Cebu ACC’s 3KM run.  I know my conditions, so, I always take it easy when I jog.  And end up walking 90% of the time.

For the past few days, when it is my 2nd, 3rd and 4th jog/running of the year.  I can run 2KM without stopping, complaining about my heart, and I have enough energy to complete the 2KM.  It has never happened to me before in my whole life.  

IMG 2697

I started to walk from my house to the Sungei Ulu Pandan point.  that is about 3.5KM walk.  Then, I start running along the Sungei Ulu Pandan until the road head back to Park West Condo.  So, that stretch, I run non-stop.  And it is amazing feelings.

IMG 2698

Although I don’t run fast.  But it is good enough for me.  And I like it.

IMG 2699

So, is it because TRA?  I don’t think so.  Because TRA is to help your body to get in shape, and cut down the fat, lose the weight.

I suspect is the R2.  Or the G3 which is rich in antioxidant.  

But I felt good, that is the good thing about it.  and I have been running for the past few days and I feel energetic.

That is why I have to blog this down.

The body fat has been reduced from 30.75% down to 27.5%.  The ideal should be < 20%.  A long way to go.

IMG 2700

How about this.  Body age used to be 60 years.  Now dropped 4 years to 56 years.  My ideal is 37 years old (actual – 5 years).  Also a long way to go.

IMG 2701

The visceral fat.  Used to be 20, now cut to 17.  I need to figure out how to reduce that more faster.  Ideal is 12 is highest risk.

IMG 2704

The BMI is 30.3.  Used to be 30.78.  This indications is not useful.

IMG 2702

The RM is 1807kcal.  Used to be 1867kcal.

IMG 2703

Thanks to my friends, Alice & Azmi, visit me, eat 2x buffet, eat cote du beouf, drink 9 bottles of wines, 盆菜, 10 course meal, straits kitchen @ Hyatt, etc etc.  Walau eh.  Miss all my medications, and supplement.  But luckily the method of eating still remains the same.  So, I actually gain 1KG out of last week, but I quickly reduced it back to 84.4KG as of today.  Once you know the method, you keep it in mind with you.  And the most importantly you will notice, only weight gain, but the V. fat still in tact.

IMG 2705

OK.  I need to gain muscle.  So, I am getting there.  30% now.  Starting from 28.5% skeletal muscle.  I just need to gain another 3% more.  

IMG 2707

So, so far so good.  And I felt quite good actually.  🙂

As you can see, what is the different?  I can still eat.  and I eat damn a lot.  I added in breakfast too.  hahaha

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