P1 Orientation

Date:  Nov 17, 2012

Today is Pei Tong Primary School orientation day.

My Jay Jay has grown up.

He has graduated from Lorna Whiston Pre-School with a very well define, independent, strong character.  Few weeks from now, for the first time, he will be staying outside camping in Lorna Whiston school for a night.

Jay Graduation Speech

Go in son, go join your new friends.  This will be the school that you going to spent the next 6 years in.

Jay: “What?”

Jay: “I thought it is only next 1 year?”

Daddy: “Nope, next 6 years.  So, you got to make new friends, and have lots of fun here!”

IMG 2495

Jay Jay will be in CARE 3 class.  Together with his pre-schoolmate Lukas.  Also, we have Aiden and Brayden in Care 6 and Care 7.

IMG 2493

Oh, I see.  This is where they name the class room as “Care”.  When you go to P4, the class room is call “Responsibility #”.  WOW.

IMG 2496

While Jay Jay is being brought around the school to see see look look, we, the parents sitting in the hall and listen to the orientation presentations.

IMG 2499

Oh cool… Pei Tong got 3 bars of LTE.  Means next time, if I need to be here, I can surf Internet fast.  haha

IMG 2502

The school hours.  Pei Tong is one of the school that has ONLY morning class.

IMG 2505

The form filling session.  Jay Jay is #9 in his class.

IMG 2511

This is Pei Tong’s uniform.  No shirt.

IMG 2708

These are the books we bought for P1.

IMG 2627

Seems like it is all set to go.

IMG 2513

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