LEGOLAND with Classmates

Date:  21-11-12

The parents has plan for this trip for months.  On 21-11-12, 11 K2 class kids will “ponteng” (skip) school and go to LEGOLAND Malaysia. 

IMG 7160

So, we rented a bus service.  I think it is S$800+ for the bus to bring us in and bring us out on that day for 41 pax.

So, we arrange the bus pick up point to be at Park West where there are a lot of car park spaces available.  

IMG 2745

The kids were excited when they cross the Tuas bridge to Malaysia.

IMG 2751

Jay was on his Gangnam Style sunglasses.

IMG 2754

And we finally arrived.

IMG 2758

The first stop is to the Driving School.  The LWPS kids were driving cars on the road with real traffic lights.

IMG 2762

Arghhhhh… I am so happy!

IMG 2768

Claire got eaten by the shark.

IMG 2770

Me too.  Eaten by the shark!

IMG 2771

Jay Jay were surprise when he can take the luggage up.  But it was too heavy for him.

IMG 2783

What are we going to play next?

IMG 2792

What are we going to play next?

IMG 2807

Hey… look at me, the LEGO parrots is like standing on my finger…

IMG 2817

While waiting for them … let’s rest here…

IMG 2822

Hey, we are back to Clarke Quay?

IMG 2839

Hey guys, follow me.

IMG 2841

No train, come claire, let’s take pictures…

IMG 6838

Where is the train?

IMG 6852

Aiden & daddy.  Aiden’s mommy at the back, say, take me take me too…

IMG 6865


IMG 6882

Conrad mommy, seems very happy wor…

IMG 6885

The kids are flying the planes… really!


We are in a green plane.  My favourite color.

IMG 6890

We need to rescue the fire..

IMG 6921

It must be very tiring…


Ok… Cheryl definitely not happy…


Here I come!  Kay Kay says…

IMG 7025

Kay Kay and Cheryl.

IMG 7046

Some rides are really wet.  Don’t worry, we got the huge dryer here.

IMG 7071

Claire is the only one who dares to sit in all roller coasters.

IMG 7140

Finally got a chance to take some photos…

IMG 7155

Yes, it’s me.  I am the one who press the water bomb.

IMG 7182

Conrad and Justin having lots of fun!

IMG 7213

Jay Jay self driven a water speed boat.

IMG 7242

I am the one that press the water gun.  Kay Kay pressed the water bomb.  And all the mommies and friends got wet wet.  haha


The lovely Taj Mahal shot… We been there… below is the proof…

IMG 7327

Not sure why he does that…


All the kids really have fun!

IMG 7371

Here is the tired look of all the kids… and mommies and daddies.


Along the way, we have these 3 kids singing all the way from LEGOLAND to home….


They actually remember all the songs and the scripts for their graduation concerts and replay it here with this MIC. hahahaha


We will remember this day 21-11-12, the day we all go to LEGOLAND together…

IMG 7345

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