Making Ang Ku Kueh

Date:  Sep 1, 2013

Jay Jay’s P1 Social Studies is about Peranakan kueh-kuehs and cakes.

So, since grand ma is here, let’s ask grand ma who is 1/2 a nyonya to teach Jay Jay how to make Ang Ku Kueh.

IMG 5448

Of course Jay Jay loves to do it.

IMG 5450

Jay Jay is a kid where he loves to try new things and learn new things.

IMG 5451

Not too bad.

IMG 5452

Let’s cook it.

IMG 5453

Of course, the young one can do also.  

IMG 6590

Wah… like a big boss.

IMG 6592

Once done, put the thing on the banana leaf.

IMG 6596

And that’s it!

IMG 6598

Yeah, I can make Ang Ku Kueh.

IMG 6600

I make another.  Nice!

IMG 6602

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