Golf Kid

Date:  Sep 2, 2012

Today, when we dropped by Fairway Club, we were surprise to see this big poster.  

HaHaHa.  No wonder that day, the trainer and his sister were taking Jay’s photos.

They wanted to make a poster of the kids kids that they trained.  HaHaHa

And Jay Jay has three photos on it.  He was so proud of it. 

IMG 6833

Today, I finally got some time to sit down to see how he was doing.  His first shot hit the iron and the ball roll to 65m there.  

Good job.

IMG 6826

His finishing swing is quite consistent.

IMG 6827

Look at some of the photos I took.  Most of the time he finished the swing at the same pose.  Which is nice.

IMG 6832

And his new Driver just arrive.  A Cobra Junior AMP CELL with MyFly.  Can tune to 14.5 loft.  HaHaHaHa.  

The USKids bundle does not come with any Driver.  It has a fairway wood though…

Will bring him to the range to try it out.  But it may be a bit long.  HaHaHaHa.  Hope he can do well handling this new Driver.

Will also bring him to Jurong JCC 5-Hole Executive course again next week!

IMG 6837

This kid really have a lot of stamina and wanted to learn a lot of things.  But if they wanted to learn, we shall give them chances and opportunities.  This is how we should train our kids nowadays.  🙂  HaHaHa

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