Flowers Flowers – Happy Teacher’s Day

Date:  Jun 5, 2013

The kids inspired by the Ikebana exhibition @ Suntec last week.  

IMG 6773

So, this week, their secret project is to do Ikebana flower for their teachers at schools.

So, my wife & kids bought all the flowers on Tuesday night from Far East Floral.

IMG 6838

Production line started yesterday.  The kids are the “illegal” child worker.  HaHaHaHaHa

IMG 6853

Flowers flowers every where.

IMG 6858

Jay Jay is going to give to 8 teachers in Pei Tong Primary School.

IMG 6855

His design is simple, zen and elegant.  And he now can write all the cards.

Here is another look.

IMG 6868

Mommy:  Jay, Daddy also going to school to help the Parent Support Group to decorate the hall.  You can ask Daddy to bring it.

Daddy:  Nope.  @Q!#@!$!#$#@ How can you teach kids like that.  Jay, this is the flowers you made for your teachers, so, you must be the one who carry it to school and give it to your teachers personally.

Jay Jay:  Ya lor.

And there he is, bring ally he flowers to school, after the care program jogging, he wills start distributing the flowers. 

IMG 6869

I checked.  It is not heavy.  🙂

IMG 6871

As for Kay Kay… This is his design.

IMG 6857

Every pot is different from Kay Kay’s design.  

IMG 6862

Kay Kau is the one that choose the flowers.  And he “pokes” the flower into the sponge.

IMG 6863

I also don’t know what is his logic for such diverse design.  But all end up looks pretty cool.

IMG 6864

I think we can call these ikebana.  hahahaha

IMG 6865

I think he designed about 6 pots.

IMG 6866

Not bad for a 4 years old boy.  HaHaHa

IMG 6867

Of course all the teachers loves it.  

My wife went to Lorna Whiston to help out.

Where I went to Pei Tong to help the Parent Support Group (PSG) do all the balloons.  Wah.. no joke pumping helium into 500 balloons.

IMG 6872

Every teachers will get one Sunflower.

IMG 6875

And a pack of nuts.

IMG 6880

Happy Teachers Day.

IMG 6882

Thanks all of you – Teachers (yes, you) who has done a great job to teach both Jay Jay & Kay Kay.  辛苦了!

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