Golden Village Gold Class

Date:  Aug 3, 2014

Few months ago, one of my business partners in Malaysia introduced me to the GSC Cinemas (Signature @ The Gardens).  I found it is a very neat idea to conduct business meeting inside the cinema, where it comes with big sofa seat, and blankets.  And you can order food too.

So we decided to try it yesterday.

IMG 8124

We will do this only when there is a huge celebrations that we need to encourage both the kids.

Such as Yesterday, Jay completed his Red Belt grading with a big confident smile.

IMG 8028

Not to mentioned young Kay Kay completed his first ever Taekwondo grading too.

IMG 8010

To celebrate this.  We watch “Guardians of the Galaxy” at Vivo GV Gold Class.  

This will be the first time the kids enjoying sitting on a big sofa to watch movie.

IMG 8102

All of us sit on a big comfy sofa that can incline and have leg rest.

It is very comfortable indeed.

IMG 8108

Wow!  The cafe menu is very complete.  You can order anything inside the cinema.  By simply pressing the button.

A waiter or waitress will come and serve you.

We ordered a POP corn, and 2x M&Ns.

The M&Ns comes in 2x champaign glass.

IMG 8110

They also serve Wine, Alcohol and of course the usual coffee and tea.

IMG 8109

The show has started.

And both Jay & Kay loves the show.

IMG 8111

About the show.

It is quite entertaining.

I think Marvels has done it again.  And soon, in the future, we are going to see lots of cross over from Spider Man to Iron Man, to Avengers, to Hulk, and Captain American.  Not to mention the Asgard Thor.

Well done Marvels!

There are only 4 places where you can watch movie in a Gold Class.

1.  GV Grand at Great World City

2.  GV Katong

3.  GV VivoCity

4.  GV Suntec

We didn’t know the menu is so comprehensive as we were rushing our dinner at 老友鸡饭 at the basement.

Here are some of the things you can do.

IMG 8125

We found a fun way to “encourage” and “reward” our kids when they put in a lot of hard works.  

And the kids are looking forward to the next show.

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