Reading Under The Bright Sunlight

Date:  Aug 3, 2014

Some friends asked… “Why do you need a Kindle Paper White?

1.  There will be times where you need to be outdoor.

2.  There will be sun when you are outdoor.

3.  Most likely, you are watching your kid swimming.

4.  So, you can bring down your iPad or iPhone.  But it will be hard to see.  Not that cannot see, but hard to see because of the contrast the iPad / iPhone set against the sunlight.

5.  Most of the time, it is totally unreadable.

6.  OK.  Yes, you can set to the brightest.  But that will eat up your battery.

IMG 7222

So, what is the solution?

A Kindle Paper White will come to the rescue.

This below photo is a photo I read book under the bright sunlight.

That is what the Paper White E-Ink technology is about.

It is just like reading normal hard copy books under the sunlight.

And it does not eat lots of battery too.

IMG 7226

More info on E-Ink.  Some E-Ink new products are quite cool.

How it works?


More E-ink products in the pipeline at CES 2014.  

Check out the watch that has solar cell.

Check out the Clock too.

The bicycle is nice too.


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