Jay & Golf Ability Test (GAT) Class

Date:  Aug 3, 2014

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Jay Jay finally started his GAT class after 2 months of resting.

GAT stands for Golf Ability Test.  It is to teach the young golfers theory and how to play better golf.

It is 1.5 hours class every week.

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As what his coach says “This is no longer ‘Begineer’ class, that means, every shot you do, you make, you have to think!  Think how to take the shot, think how far you want it to go, etc”

They have to start taking notes.

This week is lesson is reinforcing the 6 fundamental things to do before you swing and hit the golf balls.

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The 6 fundamentals

1.  Aim your club head to towards the target.

2.  Hold your grip firmly, correctly.

3.  Posture your body so that it is athletic posture.

4.  Stance, not too wide, not too narrow.

5.  Body alignment, align it parallel to the target.

6.  Ball position, what club and where is the location.

And swing!  All the swing should be Effortless.

How I wish I learned golf when I young!  hahaha

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I like to take down the video of his swing, and let him see it when he is free.  He can usually learn from his swing. 

Aiming at the target is also very important.  What Jay need to learn is to keep his swing consistent.  Currently, he can only do about 70% consistent swing.

But, by following that 6 fundamental principals..

He should be able to increase that consistency by a great factor.

Also, thru the lesson, he also learned how the stance, the ball position as well as the grip can alter your ball flight.

Every swing I see the kids swing are so effortless.  HaHaHaHa… I feel the need to catch up too.  Otherwise, when Jay grew up, he probably think it is not fun playing with me.  hahaha

One of the thing I will be teaching him extra is to make his ball flight from outside in instead of slicing the ball to the right.

After hitting about 40 balls, he gets the hang of it!

Now it is time for Driver hitting.

Same principle and just follow it strictly then, you can hit well.

Later, the group break into two teams, to compete against each other.  Within 15 minutes, the two teams player take turns to hit the pitching shot to the green 50 meter away.  So, now, you have to learn how to control your strength.  Those who is on the green, gets one point.

So, everything you learned will put to the test.

Jay has very good swings, but only manage to get 1 ball onto the green.  His team was leading 5-1.

But then, the coaches says, the last race is a golden ball.

Means, each team will need to select their best player to hit the ball.

If you hit the ball onto the green, your points will be doubled.

If not, you will get zero.


So eventually, Jay’s team get Zero.  And the other team also get zero.

It is a tie game!

IMG 8085

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