Rainbow Loom

Date:  June 5, 2014

This is Rainbow Loom.  It is basically small colourful rubber bands.

IMG 6920

Using a Y stick and a knitting stick, you can make those rainbow loom into colourful rainbow loom Friendship Band.  

If you have young kids, either in Primary or Secondary or even Kindergarden, you will notice that every one is wearing it.

IMG 6938

Thanks to Isabella Guan, Jay Jay learned from here how to knit the friendship band.

Yeap, even Jay Jay play with the rainbow loom.

IMG 6937

My wife also try to learn it.  But she uses sophisticated way to knit it.  Unlike Jay Jay, using a Y stick to do it.

IMG 6906

Let’s check it out from Jay Jay how he knit the friendship band.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/gh8PkRfp0l4

 I am not going to spent so much money to buy it here in Singapore.  So I bought a couple from Taobao for RMB10 (about S$2) and a big box of 5600 rubber bands (RMB68 about S$14)… HaHaHaHa…


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