How To Watch World Cup

Date:  July 4, 2014

Note:  This blog entry is for education purpose.  Once you learn it and satisfy your curiosity, you may delete the program.  🙂  Some friends asked me how to do it.  So, I decided to write a tutorial on it.  Of course, when you subscribe to ViewQwest Broadband Service, ViewQwest might already given you a IPTV box (looks like Apple TV box) which they have iTV player installed on it.  But just in case, you want the iTV Player to be installed on your iPad, here is how to do it.


This month is World Cup fever.  


Here is how you can watch World Cup on your iPad.  And Hence, you can AirPlay it to your big screen TV using Apple TV.





You must have ViewQwest Freedom VPN service.  Means, you must have ViewQwest Broadband Internet service and you must subscribe to ViewQwest Freedom VPN service.

If you do not have the above ViewQwest service, then, an alternative is My Republic VPN service or some third party VPN service.

ViewQwest Freedom VPN is pre-configured on your ViewQwest router.  So, you need not to do any configuration.  


1.  The World Cup as well as a lot of English TV drama are available free on ITV Player or BBC iPlayer.

2.  But when you go and download ITV Player or BBC iPlayer from your iTune Store, you may not find these two programs.

3.  The reason is because it is available only in iTune Store in United Kingdom.

4.  Both iTV Player & BBC iPlayer are FREE.  So that means there is a way you can download it without paying it.

5.  That means you will need to have an UK Apple ID in order to logon to the UK iTunes Store to download both iTV Player & BBC iPlayer.

Creating UK Apple ID

A.  On your iMac or PC.  Launch iTunes program.

B.  Select iTunes Store.  If you are login, you will see your Apple ID on the top left navigation bar.  Click on the Apple ID and select “Sign Out”.

C.  Scroll down to the bottom, and on the bottom right, you see a flag round icon.  It may be either a Singapore flag, or US flag or other country.

D.  Click on that flag.

Screen Shot 2014 07 04 at 8 38 00 pm

E.  Scroll down, until you find the “United Kingdom” flag.  The UK flag is in Europe section, of course.  Click on it.

Screen Shot 2014 07 04 at 8 38 32 pm

F.  On the search field, key in “iTV Player”.  Then, it will find everything might related to “iTV Player”.  iTV Player is listed as “Free”.  Click on the “Free” button to download it.

Screen Shot 2014 07 04 at 8 44 03 pm

G.  Immediately, iTunes Stores will ask you to login.  But you do not have a UK iTunes Store account, so, you will need to click on “Create Apple ID”.

Screen Shot 2014 07 04 at 8 44 16 pm

H.  Click “Continue” on the next page.

Screen Shot 2014 07 04 at 8 44 28 pm

I.  Check the box “I have read and agree to these terms and conditions”.  And click “Agree” button.

Screen Shot 2014 07 04 at 8 44 53 pm

J.  Key in your Apple ID details.  And click Continue.  Now they have stricter rules to create password.  Make sure it has a upper case, a number, and not so obvious english word.

Screen Shot 2014 07 04 at 8 46 35 pm

K.  The most important step.  In the Provide a Payment Method page, select “None” payment method.  Key in your details.You may use the following info.  Or any UK address you can search from the web.

Screen Shot 2014 07 04 at 6 39 03 pm

L.  And click “Create Apple ID”.

Screen Shot 2014 07 04 at 8 49 06 pm

M.  You are done.  

Screen Shot 2014 07 04 at 8 49 27 pm

N.  Now, go to your email client, and see the email Apple just sent you.  Click on “johnVerify now>”

Screen Shot 2014 07 04 at 9 10 02 pm

O.  Now, as for the last step, you simply login with your newly created UK iTunes Store Apple ID.  Click on “Verify Address”

Screen Shot 2014 07 04 at 9 11 40 pm


6.  Now, after you have created the UK Apple ID.  You can now download iTV Player or BBC iPlayer from iPad.  

7.  To do so, you will need to “Sign Out” from your existing Apple ID, and key in the newly created UK Apple ID.

8.  Now, iTunes store will recognise that the Apple ID you just log in can be used for UK iTunes Store only.

9.  Search for iTV Player and BBC iPlayer, and download them.

10.  When you first launch iTV Player, they will ask you to key in the Postal Code.  You can key in “TW14 8HA” which is a valid UK Postal Code.

11.  And you are done.  You can now watch all the UK shows on these two iPad App.

12.  Best of all, you can always click the “AirPlay” button to stream this onto your big screen TV via the Apple TV.  Yeap, you must have Apple TV on this.  If no, then, watch it only on your iPad lor.

13.  If you do not have ViewQwest Freedom VPN, when you click on Play to play the movie, they will give you “Network Error” message.  You need to have a UK IP address in order to play all these iTV or BBC movies and TV programs.

iTV Player gives you this.

IMG 0166

BBC Player gives you this error.

IMG 0168

Oh ya… the video streaming is adaptive to your network speed.

So, when you first launch it, it will be like SD quality, then, when they find out that you can stream high bandwidth, then, they will push you the HD quality.


14.  Happy viewing! 


At home, I got many ways watching the world cup.  I can watch it on my ELTA Sport Channel (Mandarin) or TVB (Cantonese) which is on my Minix IPTV Android box.  I can watch it on CCTV5 on my YunOS IPTV Android box.  I can also watch it on my iPad using iTV Player.  

Also, I found that different streaming will have different lagging time.  iTV is still the best.  It also been tested out that MIO TV is few seconds lag behind iTV streaming.  That explains why some of your neighbour scream “Goal” while your MIO TV still not seeing any goal.  Wahahahhahaahahahaha

IMG 0170


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