Self-Drive Vacation @ Hokkaido 2014

Date:  June 29, 2014

Note:  This blog entry cannot be viewed on iPad or iPhone as it is too large to fit into the memory.  Please use Safari or Windows Explorer or Firefox to view it.  Sorry… Usually I break it up to different parts.  But my wife asked me to do only 1 huge blog.  Hahahaha.  🙂  Actually I think it is Vimeo problem.  It cannot load all the video thumbnail images.

We decided to do a Self-Drive vacation in Hokkaido.

To be safe, get an International driving license from AA (Automobile Association of Singapore) for $25.  You can use this to rent a car in Japan.

IMG 5284

This is the first time we are taking ANA Dreamliner 787.  There are a lot of technology on this plane.  The kids are excited about it.  ANA runs a promotion not long ago, I saw it on the paper, and without much thinking, I have decided to book the tickets.  The tickets is about $2,620 for 2 adults and 2 kids.

The only condition is once you book it, you are not able to change it or cancel it.

OK.  The kids are ready.  Let’s fly.  The time is 4:30am in the morning.

IMG 5288

After almost 7 hours flight, we finally arrived in Terminal 1 of Narita Airport.  

We then took Jetstar domestic flight ($904 for 2 adults and 2 kids return tickets) from Tokyo to New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido.

As Jetstar flies from Terminal 2 of Narita Airport, we will need to take a Free Shuttle bus there.  Make sure you have about 2.5 hours time for the transit.

IMG 5292

On the Jetstar flight, this Nissin Curry instant noodle is the most delicious to eat from the menu.

IMG 5309

After we reached New Chitose airport.  We immediately went to the Nippon Rent-A-Car counter.  Hmmm… Interesting… There is no one here.  

IMG 5311

Wow!  All these counters are car rental counters.  And every counters there is no one there too.

IMG 5314

After following the instructions at the counter, a man came to fetch us by bus.  

IMG 5320

We finally got our rented car.  A Toyota Prius.  A hybrid car, when you stop at the junction, the car make absolutely no sound.  

Renting this car is about S$1,000 for 7 days.  We pumped two times petrol (including the car returning).. and it cost about S$100 for the 7 days journey.

IMG 5328

All cars comes with GPS.  Simply key in either the MAP CODE or the Phone number of the destination you want to go, and walah… the GPS will bring you there.  

The only thing is while you are driving, it does not allow you to key in new destination for safety reason.

We need to drove 2.5 hours to reach Rusutsu Resort.

The speed limit sign says 50KM/h on the local road all the way.  But every one else is driving like more than 100KM/h especially the trucks.  So, we reach there much earlier than that.

Renting car to do a self-drive vacation is not a bad idea at all.

To rent a car, go here.

IMG 5333

As I said, we did not plan any thing at all.  The only thing we book in Hokkaido in advance is the hotel.  We going to stay 3 nights in Rusutsu Resort, and 3 nights in Lake Shikotsu Onsen Hotel.

This is our deluxe family room at the North Tower.  Quite big, with 4 beds (consider to have 2 bed rooms).

IMG 5339

This is another 2 beds in the room.  During summer time, this room becomes a favourite as it shields all the sunlight from outside.

Yes, It is summer time in Japan, and the day light is from 4:30am to 8pm.  Very bright in early morning.

The room fare also comes with 3 days amusement park entrance tickets and 2 meals a day for everyone.

To book the Rusutsu Resort hotel, go here.

Remember, when you bring kids to vacation, you need to stay near by or in an amusement park.

IMG 5346

It’s our 2nd day in Japan.  Good morning!

IMG 5369

I got myself a very healthy breakfast.  Basically, within Rusutsu, there are 5 restaurants you can choose where to eat for breakfast and dinner.

IMG 5368

Almost every day, we eat the nato – fragmented beans.  This is the secret to long living in Japan.

IMG 5371

Here we are on the first day, we spent our day in the amusement park.  Lot’s of roller coasters ride, and others.

You got to love the blue sky in Hokkaido.  So blue.

IMG 6065

There is enough to play for a full day spending in Rusutsu. 

IMG 6069

Kay Kay loves all the roller coaster ride.  Because he has finally made it to 110cm barely.  Every ride, he has to be checked for height.  And the operator simply close one eye and miss the 1cm shortage.  Hahahahaha.

IMG 5386

The sky is so blue that you can still see the Moon on the right hand side.  (heap, that white crescent spot). 

IMG 5402

We first warm ourselves up with his small little harmless roller coaster truck ride.  Jay Jay is big enough to take one by his own self.

The most important thing is it is friendly to 110cm kids.  Wahahaha.

Zombie looks kids!

IMG 5456

The kids favourite.  Pirate Ship.  I personally don’t like this at all.  

I also did not sit on this ride.  The kids sit two times.  It looks so fast, and so fast.  Wahahaha

When Kay Kay sit on it the second time, he said “OK.  Mommy, that’s enough.  I don’t want to sit this anymore.”  Wahahaha

Jay Jay taking picture with a flower.

IMG 6075

Duck Racing. 

IMG 5462

What a luck!  Buy four of the colours, and the red one wins.  And we did not buy the red one win.  🙁

In Hokkaido, you can find a lot of Dandelion.  So, let your kids blow the Dandelion.  It is nice.  And they love it!

IMG 5488

Ya… Let them blow…

Let’s find more dandelion.

IMG 5507

You can buy some sands and then start to wash off the sands to discover your precious stones.

IMG 5538

Kids love this kind of thing.  See what Kay Kay found…

Kay Kay: “It’s all mine”.

IMG 5545

Don’t forget, Hokkaido Soft Ice Cream is fantastic!

IMG 5482

Safari shooting.  Mommy win with 11 shots.

IMG 5522

Let’s sit on the longest ride.  We called it Purple roller Coaster.


Look at Kay Kay and Jay Jay both having fun on the purple roller coaster.

This time, I sit with Jay Jay!

Kay Kay loves to sit on this water roller coaster too.


Water did not splash us.

We keep on sitting on this many time.


Mommy & Jay sit together this time.


Weee…. Here we go again.

Look at the operator.  He has so much fun and he use to mic to sing.

Love the blue sky white clouds.

IMG 6087

Can tell we have so much fun here.

IMG 6107

It’s time to check out Mt. Yotei, riding the Gondola up.

IMG 6122

One huge white clouds blocking it.

IMG 6125

Still cannot see the Mt. Yotei.

IMG 6138

Many couple come and ring this lover’s bell.  Green mountain at the back, blue sky with white clouds.  Nice.

IMG 5556

Let’s get back to the park.

IMG 5528

They even went to the kids area.  Those rides for really young kids.

IMG 5533

By the time we are hungry it is already 3:30pm in the afternoon.  Most of the restaurant already close for the lunch.  So, we have to walk 5-10 minutes outside the Rusutsu resort area and eat in this restaurant just outside the resort.

Nice Sake.

IMG 5561

And Kay Kay found his new love.  The Fish roes.

IMG 5562

There is a indoor 2-storey merry go round inside the hotel area.

IMG 5568

Night turn dark around 8pm.  So, we went to the french restaurant to eat our dinner.  It is included in the room fees.

IMG 5581

What a healthy dinner.  The menu even says “Anti-Aging”.  It is 842Kcal.  The beef is nice!

IMG 5586

The beef is nice!  Very nice.  It is healthy and nice!

IMG 5588

At night time… the sky looks very clear.  You can see the stars too here at Rusutsu.

Twinkle twinkle little stars… that ends our 2nd night here in Hokkaido.

IMG 6159

Good morning.  Day 3 of our vacation.  We decided to drive out of rusutsu.  

Like what I said, we never plan for everything and makes it easy for us to do the planning on the spot.  Wahahaha.

IMG 5591

This is our guide book.

Yes, it is in Japanese.  Don’t worry.  It has lots of pictures.

IMG 6828

And you can guess almost what they are saying.  There are pretty nice pictures and you can see the map where you want to go.

IMG 6830

The most important info you need is the PHONE NUMBER.  So, today, we are going to Otaru.  

The plan is as follow:

1.  Eat lunch just outside the Otaru Aquarium.  There are fabulous seafood restaurant there.

2.  Visit the Otaru museum and there are train you can sit.

3.  Visit the Otaru Canal.

It is going to be a 2 hours drive to reach Otaru.

IMG 6829

And Mt. Yotei greets you to have a fantastic drive.


Once you key in your destination, it is from point A to point B.  So, you have to look out for any interesting stop in between.

This is sort of like adventuring Hokkaido.  You don’t know what is out there waiting for you.  

So, the first stop we saw is Yamanaka Dairy Farm.  

IMG 5629 

A lot of people stop here for the milk.

IMG 5617

And of course the ice cream.

IMG 5625

An old couple driving this kind of bike with a passenger seat.  Nice!  This is the first time the kids saw this.

IMG 5616

It is summer, most of the places are decorated with flowers such as daisies.  Nice!

IMG 5612

Next, we stop at Tonden Farm Factory.  We nearly miss this place.  Thanks for the accident not far from here where we are able to drive slow and saw this place and make an almost emergency turning into this place.


This is a farm place where there are a lot of animals you can feed.  You buy the carrots for 100 yen here.


Yeap!  Horse.  You can feed horse with Carrots.


There are more dandelions here too.

You can see Mt. Yotei from far here.

The kids fed the horse.

Of course, you can feed the seep here too.


Feeding the little sheep.

Wow!  This cow looks awful.


You can also feed the sheep running freely.


All the animals loves carrots.

Oh ya, ostrich also eats carrot.

IMG 5652

There are some rabbits too.

IMG 5664

Ducks also eat carrots.

IMG 5639

The mommy sheep eating carrots and the baby sheep drinking milk.


It was a nice stop over place for kids.  All the animal you see, you can feed.  It is also very nice place to get some souvenir too.  There is a restaurant upfront, and if you hungry, you can stop here for a meal.  For us, NOPE!  We have better lunch place too go to.


Finally we are close by Otaru.  From here you can see almost the entire Otaru.  We are about 25 minutes away from the Otaru Aquarium place.


They even show you how far away you are from all famous location.


Otaru is ahead.


Otaru is quite a huge place.


Let’s us fly!

IMG 5710

25min later, we reached Otaru Aquarium area.  We are not visiting the Aquarium this time.  We will leave it to our year end trip.  🙂

So, we found a car park to park our car.  Unfortunately that car park is for having lunch at this dining place called Otaru Shukutsu Marina dining.  This is not the one we want to go.  But then, the one we want to go has long queue and lots of tourist bus.  And this one is not full and almost empty.  

So, I told my wife, we are eating seafood, right?

We are eating it rawm right?

So, why do we care which restaurant we go to, as long as we know the seafood are all from the same place and it is raw.

So, let’s eat here.

IMG 5705

Both Kay and Jay love to eat this!

IMG 5689

So happy lor…

IMG 5690

Most of the things are raw and very tasty.

IMG 5691

Very fresh sotong/squid.

IMG 5693

Nice BBQ clams..

IMG 5694

Best of all… Uni (Sea Urchin)

IMG 5698

And Kay Kay also felt in love with Uni, so, one box is not enough for 4 mouths already.

2nd box is on the way!

And it cost only 3,500 yen which is slightly more than $40.  Cheap, fresh and good!

IMG 5699

Lovely beef Cha-han (friend rice).  I saw many people order it, so, I also “Cha-han kudasai”.

IMG 5697

Lots of different kind of sea weeds to eat.  Very nice!

IMG 5704

We are super full after the big feast.  O-ishi desune.

IMG 5702

How can we forget about the Sapporo beer.

IMG 5680

Next destination is the Train Museum in Otaru.



In this museum, you can see the history of train in Japan.


You can sit down and start thinking how Japan has such a nice and sophisticated train infrastructure.

IMG 6192

The train model is very good.  Especially, it can move.

IMG 6207

There are a few train model you can choose, and each train will come up from the shed.  And the turn table will move.

I must say, Japanese are excellent in doing fine details.  These picture models tells you the story.

IMG 6218

The train schedule.  Wow.  This is very old.

IMG 6223

This is a snow plowers train.  It is a train they designed it since 1918.  No wonder Japan is super power country during that time.

OK.  We did not know the timing. But by the time we get to outside to see the train, the LAST train is about to move.  3:30pm.  

IMG 6225

We are just in time to catch the last train.  We are sitting on a steam engine!

IMG 6232

It is a short 500 meter ride.  But you get the feeling of steam engine.

When it reach the end, it has to turn around. So, they demonstrate how the train can turn around using the turn table.  Observe the mechanical arm that pull the turn table around.  Quite cool.

This is the mechanical arm that pull the turn table with it around.  


After the train turn around, it goes to the junction there.

The steam engine going home.

The steam engine reversing.

Oh ya, the steam engine run on coal fire.  You can see the fire burning and boiling the water.

We get to sit on it again for the return trip.

Bye bye and good night!

We are sitting on No. 3 engine.

IMG 6242

Good night train.  have a nice rest.


Run run run, the train is coming.

IMG 6338

Outside the train museum, there is a train restaurant.

IMG 5786

The kids had their ice cream here.  Warm and nice.

IMG 5768

The interior is quite nice.

IMG 5777

We are back to the Otaru Canal again.  After so many years.  This time the kids has grown up a bit.

IMG 5815

The canal is still the same canal.

IMG 5821

OK.  It is time to go back.  And the kids will take a nap in the car.

It looks a bit foggy outside.

IMG 5842

Wow, we are driving on top of the clouds.

IMG 5865

I love this picture.  It is like Mt. Yotei is spitting out a fire clouds.

IMG 6376

By the time we reach hotel, just nice for dinner.  We had our dinner in the Japanese restaurant at the Tower suite.

 We have a nice view on Mt. Yotei.  But the kids were asleep.  So, we try wake them.  They have already had a power nap for 2 hours.

We are back to the hotel!  After the power nap, all look fresh.

IMG 5934Lovely cup.  Nice Sake.

IMG 5896

This is the kids meal.  Wow, Kay Kay love the fish roes.

IMG 5898

Mommy eating the Uni Fish roes rice.

IMG 5900

My Calory control meal.  This is the appetiser.

IMG 5901

White and green asparagus.

IMG 5911

Even the rice, they need to cook it for you in front of you.  It will take 25min.

IMG 5905

Wow, white asparagus rice.

IMG 5913

This is my Calory control anti ageing Japanese set menu. 

IMG 5903

After the satisfactory dinner, we went for bath and Onsen and then, watch the music fountain at Rusutsu resort.  

Oh ya, we went Onsen Day and Night in Rusutsu and Lake Sukotsu. 

IMG 5915

Congratulate Michelle Wie for winning the US Open.  There is no English or very few English or Chinese channels in Japan hotel.  But we get to watch US Open, FIFA 2014 live.

IMG 5931

Jay learned how to play Otello.

IMG 5932

On the forth day, we need to change hotel and we need to go to Lake Shikotsu.

Let’s eat!

IMG 5942

My simple breakfast.

IMG 5945

So, It is 2 hours drive. So, we plan to get there before 6pm.

So, in the morning, we spent another 2 hours at the amusement park.  The kids gets to choose which ride they wanted to sit the most.

We finally get to sit on the train.

IMG 5959

We even get to say good bye to little pony at Rusutsu.

IMG 5964

We checked out and move out by 11am. 

Self driving in Hokkaido is very safe.  We get to roam every where we wanted to go.

The first stop we stop is Lake Toya.

Behind Kay Kay is Lake Toya.

IMG 6383

Lake Toya is so big.  Kay Kay hang on, I need to fly you there.

At that time, we don’t even know what come next.

IMG 6387

Mommy… look there are helicopter here.  Let’s take picture with the helicopter.  Yipee!

IMG 6406

We were at this place.

IMG 6483

And we saw this here.

IMG 5989

What?  4000 yen per person.  And Jay and Kay get to counted as combined 1 person.  So, the whole family go up helicopter for only 12,000 yen?

Which is about S$150?  So cheap?  Mai-Tu-Liao, let’s go.

IMG 5992

Let’s go!

IMG 5977

And this is the first time we get onto the helicopter.

The helicopter is a strange helicopter with only two blades.  Cool!

IMG 5981

Get on the helicopter.

Fly for 5 minutes.

Get off the helicopter.

Let’s take picture wigh the helicopter.

This is the place where we found the helicopter ride.  By accident.

IMG 6005

Lake Toya is huge.  It is one of the lake that does not freeze during winter.


the kids need to balance the helicopter weight.  So, they have to sit together.  Kay Kay sitting on Jay’s lap.

IMG 6422

The kids are so happy. 

IMG 6412

The tour guide pilot is showing me the active volcano over there.  Hmmm… sounds fun.  That shall be our next destination.

IMG 6427

This is the first time we all sit on a helicopter tour.  COOL!


Bye Bye Helicopter.


They found dandelions again.

IMG 6463

Lake Toya.

IMG 6479

The bear.

IMG 6491

Next stop.  A bit hungry.  Let’s stop at Lake Hill Farm.

IMG 6015

Here we are.  Enjoying the breeze.  Have our Ice Cream again.

IMG 6023

Flower flower everywhere.

IMG 6496

Quite relaxing.    

IMG 6026

OK.  Just now when we were at the helicopter, we were introduced the Showa Shinzan.  It is a live volcano.  So, we shall visit there.


Before it last erupted, it does not look like what it is now.


that is no joke.  Still got smoke come out.


It is a live volcano.  The kids are thrill.


Before we go up, let’s eat.

IMG 6061

I must say, the Ramen is delicious.

IMG 6060

This is the Ramen store.  Just beside the ropeway station at Usuzhan.  Nice and delicious.

IMG 6094

Let’s take the Usuzan ropeway to the volcano top. 

IMG 6058

The kids love it!  Daddy is full of surprise, and always bring them to new things to see.  They love ropeway.

IMG 6504

They can see a lot of things from the ropeway.

IMG 6507

After we reach the top station, there is still a 10 minutes walk.

IMG 6523

Really a long walk.  With stairs.

IMG 6530

But it is all worth it.  As the kids really see the smoke coming out from the volcano.


No wonder Lake Toya will never get frozen.


There are many live volcano here.

IMG 6063

The volcano has erupted 4 times in this century.

IMG 6064

Every day we have fresh milk to drink.  Very nice to drink.

IMG 6096

It’s about 2.5 hours drive from Lake Toya to Lake Shikotsu.  So, around 3:30pm, we better chop chop.  And the speed limit is 70km/h, but some one drove above 125km/h.  Wahahaha…

IMG 6108

But seriously, have you seen a one lane highway?  Yeap!  One Single Lane.  You can over take slow cars whenever there is exit, where they prepare two lanes for you to overtake the vehicle.  Wahahaha Speed limit is 70km/h.  It is going to be very slow journey.

IMG 6098

Wah… need to drive thru such a small route with bears warning sign.  Wow.  We started to doubt our GPS.  Are they avoiding all the express way?

IMG 6112

At 6pm, we finally reach Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Resort SPA Mizu no Uta.  It is a fine resort.  Wow.  I already like this place.

They have a fire place in the lobby, and there is a marshmallow for BBQ in the fire place.  COOL!

IMG 6557


IMG 6120

The fire Place.

IMG 6121

Real wood.

IMG 6122

There are some Chinese books for you to read at the lobby there.

IMG 6562

This is our room.  They going to place two more tatami bed on the floor.  

IMG 6565

The living room can place two tatami beds.

IMG 6566

Wow.  It comes with a sophisticate bath tub.  With volume control, lighting, etc.  But it is not Onsen water.  But the water is kept warm at 41 degrees.

IMG 6567

In room got massage chair too.

IMG 6129

Wow.. got a coffee machine for you too.

IMG 6131

Never use the bath at all.

IMG 6133

Decoration is really fantastic.

IMG 6134

First time I see this kind of remote control.

IMG 6141

All of us are tired.  So, let’s go for Onsen.  We have been doing this public bath for the past few days.  So, now we have much proper spa place.

The onsen facility here is very good.  They have a 39 degree pool, and a 41 degree pool.  The shower also comes with adjustable water too.  No wonder Kay Kay like this place.

Let’s do a Zombie shot.

IMG 6579

We are so happy and I forgot to bring camera or iPhone to dinner.  The dinner is fantastic.  But the only thing is we eat almost the same type of dinner or breakfast for the 3 days stay here.  

IMG 6585

There are musician performing at the lobby area.

IMG 6586

The kids happily BBQ their marshmallows.

IMG 6144

Found a Hokkaido tour guide.   So, the whole night was reading it and to decide where to go the next morning.  Tomorrow we shall go to Furano.

IMG 6161

Wow, a nice Wooden Bat.

IMG 6179

Good morning!  

IMG 6188

This is my breakfast.  Lots of veggies and not so much meat.  My usual Nato.  

IMG 6186

Today we going to spent the whole day in Furano.  It takes about 3.5 hours to get here from Lake Shikotsu.  Half of the journey is by expressway.

The lavender field is just awesome.  A bit early though…


The daisy field is full of daisies.


The first stop is Farm Tomita.  The famous lavender farm.


They are still planting the flower thou…

IMG 6606

Purple is the color.


Kids felt relaxing here seeing so many flowers.

IMG 6639

I am on a purple Vespa.

IMG 6646

Kay Kay says the lavender smell very good ya.


Ice cream time!  Purple lavender ice cream.

IMG 6211

The red melon tasted so sweet and juicy and good. 

IMG 6218

We moved from farm to farm.  One big field for the kids to run about.


The kids vs. the farmers.  Look at the gorgeous mountain behind.  Lovely.


We got Jay, we got Kay, and behind us is Hay.  The bear bear is made of Hay.

IMG 6698

Taking photo to make wall paper.  Nice.


Lift off.

IMG 6731

Star jump.

IMG 6735

 Kids still running on every field we visited.  Happily.

See how the airplane fly.

IMG 6747

We took lots of photos too.

IMG 6765

Every changing Harry Potter photo frame.

IMG 6766

Jay with his finger stick out.

IMG 6772


IMG 6775

Visit to the flower market.  But not exactly selling flower thou.

IMG 6238

We manage to visit 3 farms today.

IMG 6241

After another 3 hours drive.  We are back to Lake Shikotsuko.


One nice quiet park.

IMG 6779

It’s almost sun set.


Layers of mountain line is breathe taking.

IMG 6795

Let’s throw rocks into the lake.


Back to hotel.  Doing onsen again with the kids.  Mommy enjoys her by her own self.

IMG 6290

Everyday we eat fresh meat.

IMG 6292

Kay Kay loves his fried rice and tofu.

IMG 6293

He loves to eat the raw shrimps too.

IMG 6299

Our main dish.

IMG 6296

My share of dinner.

IMG 6302

I love to mix the rice into the kani  soup.

IMG 6303

Again, the restaurant is healthy.

IMG 6305

I love the desserts here.  Especially those tasty jelly.  This is my after meal desserts.

IMG 6307

So full.

IMG 6310

It’s BBQ marshmallows time.

IMG 6325

Oh ya.  In this SPA onsen hotel, you get to choose your own pillow, and bring it back to the room.

IMG 6332

Tell her how you sleep.  She will recommend you the pillow.

IMG 6331

High tech pillow.

IMG 6334

Yeap!  I am bringing back this pillow back to the room.

IMG 6335

It is 6am in the morning.  Jay Jay read his Geronimo Stilton at the balcony there.

IMG 6338

Since they prepare it, don’t waste it.  Today, we going to change room.  So, must use the bath tub at least once.  Yeap, 6am in the morning.  Before our usual onsen.  I dip into the hot pool outside.

IMG 6340

Wow!  This is cool.  It has “Micro Bubble” features.  So, it actually creates a lot of such small bubbles and make the water become blur blur.

IMG 6348

High tech bath tub.  With jacuzzi too.

IMG 6352

Good morning!  My breakfast.  Notice the three colourful drinks on the right.

IMG 6361

All all very healthy drink.

IMG 6358

Yellow puree.

IMG 6359

And the green puree.

IMG 6360

Let’s eat!  By the time I got my breakfast, the kids already almost finish.  Jay Jay even reading book.  hahaha

IMG 6363

Today, we decided to drive down south to Noboribetsu.  登别.  The famous onsen place in Hokkaido.

IMG 6378

First stop.  Visit the Marine Park Nixe.

IMG 6383

Hmm… how does the water stay inside the tube and does not go down below?  Strange?  The seal swim happily round and round.

Oh no!  The theme park is closed on Wednesday.

IMG 6385

The aquarium is inside this castle.


Ya, we made it to the penguin walk show.


Nice penguin.


Hello Penguin.


Penguin Walk.

They love this bridge.


There are at least 3-4 big touch pool for you to touch the sea creatures.


sea stars.

IMG 6390

yes, every one gets to touch the sea stars.




Oh ya, we have no idea what is that.


The stingray pool.


The kids simply enjoys touching these marine life.


What a big colourful fat toad.  This toad can eat a rat.


This one is much nicer looking toad.


Hi Nemo.


Tiger fish.

IMG 6404

A school of fish.  A big school of sardine fish.

A monster corals?

IMG 6415

Nice corals.

IMG 6426

Nice lights.

IMG 6427

I love to watch all these marine life presented themselves so nice and neat.

IMG 6430

Love the jelly fish.  Watching and eating them.  hahaha

IMG 6438

Seal show.


IMG 6455

Spotted endanger species.

IMG 6480

This one is fat!

IMG 6487

Dolphins show.

OK.  The marine park is a very simple park.  But it does have lots of fun things inside for the kids.  don’t miss all the show.  It is quite entertaining.

Next, it is bear park vs. ninja park.  The kids has chosen Ninja Park.

So, here we are at the Ninja Park.

IMG 6520

Here comes the ninja jump.

IMG 6889

Samurai swords.

IMG 6525

here comes the ninja kids.

IMG 6537

Very nice scenery inside the ninja park.

IMG 6540

I push daddy and Jay Jay away.

IMG 6910

Let’s go to the ninja training ground.  The maze.

IMG 6547

Ninja training ground.  The Suriken (ninja star).  Hai-yak…

IMG 6925

The kids were blur when they see daddy shoot the suriken right on target.  And I won myself a free game.  500 yen.

IMG 6928

The sumurai sword museum.

IMG 6943

Exciting outdoor ninja performance.

IMG 6951

Now, let’s train archery.

IMG 6966

We got to train the young ninja too.

IMG 6972

Its quite fun for the kids.

IMG 6984

A very funny meow meow wishing temple.


This is a very interesting temple.  It is a cat temple.  Drop your money into the box, and then clap your hands, and make a wish, and then, slowly raise your left hand, and wave, and meow.

This place explain what is ninja.


The kids love the ninja show.

The kids vs the Sumurai and Ninjas.

IMG 6991

The Geisha show.  The gentleman on the right (second) is not the actor.  He is an Indonesian Singaporean.  he was invited to come up and act together with the Geisha.  It was funny and very sporting of him.  The whole family crowds of his laugh and laugh. hhahaha

IMG 6999

The Geisha Show.  

Taking photos with the Geisha.

IMG 7005

We visited the monster house.


The ninja town.

IMG 7007

Wow.  It is almost 5pm after visiting these two theme park.  It is time to go back to the hotel.

Today we are switching to a room that comes with own onsen.

The room is much bigger.

IMG 7013

there is the onsen pool.

IMG 6589

Running at 41 degree.

IMG 6591

Outdoor shower room just beside the onsen pool.

IMG 6592

Can control the temperature of the onsen water.

IMG 6593

The quality of the onsen.

IMG 6600

The last dinner.  So, he requested more shrimps in his plate.

IMG 6604

Going to eat more meat tonight.

IMG 6607

Not to forget to open a Sake too.

IMG 6608

Grill fish.

IMG 6609

Jay always happy eating so much desserts here.  haha

IMG 6613

BBQ marshmallows again.

IMG 6615

There are so many audio equipment in the lobby.

IMG 6620

All these are speakers.

IMG 6621

Next morning.  Our last day in Hokkaido.

Good morning!

IMG 6624

Good morning!

IMG 6627

Let Kay Kay teach you how to do proper onsen.  

6am in the morning.  So, make sure you wrap yourself in a towel.

dip your feet into the water.  for 5 minutes.  That will cook your blood and the warm blood will go over all the body.

IMG 6636

Next slowly dip your body into the onsen pool.

IMG 6643

Always have adult near by to supervise the kid.

IMG 6647

Wah… so happy face.

IMG 6650

It’s onsen time!

IMG 6655

Lets eat a lot today.  We have just one last place to visit.

IMG 6660

It is Lake Shikotsuko.  it is a lake form from the volcano mouth.

And it is one of the clearest lake where you can see thru the water.

IMG 6663

today, we going to take this boat to cruise the lake.

IMG 6669

30 minutes.

IMG 6675

So, what so special about this tour?  Look at the video.


There are glass panel below the boat.  you can see the clear water of Lake Shikotsuko.

IMG 6690

Fish fish every where.

IMG 6694

The scenes is nice on top too.

IMG 6700

The rock formation below also nice.

IMG 6710

All these formed by the volcano erupted underwater.

IMG 6720

OK.  that concludes our vacation. 

I managed to dip into the in room onsen pool once more before we drove to New Chitose Airport.

First we must return the car.

IMG 6759


IMG 6764

Why your bento so nice one?

IMG 6767

It’s Uni.  that’s why!

IMG 6772

I want some!

IMG 6770

Finally we are at Tokyo airport.

IMG 6777

Narita airport is just too busy.  So, we have to take the bus to the Dreamliner.

IMG 6783

That concludes our journey this time.

IMG 6784

Final Thoughts…

1. Driving in Hokkaido is fun.  In fact, it is easy too.  Especially when you use the hybrid car, you don’t use a lot of petrol.  Although the local road speed limit is 50km/h.  You can follow the local traffic which normally drive around 90-100km/h.  hahahaha

2. Rusutsu is not bad a place to be for kids.  There is a wave pool indoor and a merry go round too.  There are shopping places too.

3.  The travelling can take one full day from Singapore to Hokkaido.  so, you actually only spent 5 days for a 7 days trip.

4.  The onsen hotel is excellent if you pick the right one.  The one that is friendly to young kids especially.

5.  You don’t need to plan in detailed for the vacation.  You can do it when you are in Japan.  hahaha 

OK.  Until next vacation.


  1. Dear Mini Liew,

    Can I know where you buy the Hokkaido Guide book please? Our family of 3 is going on a self-drive vacation this June 2015 to Hokkaido and your blog is very informative! I am also wondering where can I get the map codes to the various places of interest in Hokkaido.


  2. Hi

    Did your family try the public onsen pool with actual spring water at Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Resort as i noticed the room you booked was without the onsen water? Is it segregated by gender?


  3. Hi, First few days we book without the private onsen pool, the last day, we book with the private onsen pool. It is very popular for the private onsen pool. That is why we can only book for 1 day. Yes, we went to the public one, me take the two boys and my wife enjoy her onsen in the public pool.

  4. When you rent a car, they will give you a booklet with all the point of interests and their corresponding map code or phone number. Or you can go to those Seven Eleven shot to get a local copy of the tour guide book which is usually in Japanese. Well all you need is to see the picture and location and its phone number or map code. hahaha

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