A Robotic Bridge

Date:  July 6, 2014

This is one of Jay Jay’s fun enrichment class.  It is Wonder’s Work (at Liang Court) Lego Mindstorms programming class for junior.

This week, they are building a simple machine, that can sense a small valley and build the bridge so that the vehicle can cross that bridge.

IMG 6945

they actually have to think, 1) how long their bridge going to be, 2) what the vehicle do once sense the hole on the ground, 3) How much the vehicle needed to drop the bridge, and 4) remember to reverse a bit and lift up the arm so to cross the bridge.

And of course lot’s of troubleshooting before he can get it right.

Jay Jay was happy after the class and said, “I forgot to keep or lift up my arm, so, the machine pick up the bridge and it drop, hahahahaha”.

I am glad that the course now taught them how to troubleshoot, what to look for, etc.

IMG 6942

See it in action.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/D_T1pucaGg0

Even the gap is very small, the vehicle can cross it.

IMG 6948

The programming.

IMG 6947

OK.  We will keep this for another few terms.  Since it is a course that bring a lot of fun to him, together with his K2 mate, Riandy.  At the same time, he learned so much from the course too.

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