Where I Go To Fix Dents & Scratches on My Car

Date:  April 7, 2014

That day, my car was hurt.

IMG 2594













OUCH.  So, both panels hurt badly.  The door panel and the back panel (double layer) was dented pretty badly.

I was making a turn within a very tight car park lane, and as and when I try to avoid, the car parked on the left side, did not have enough clearance and kiss the pillar.  At first I thought it was a small scratch, but later, after I sent my friend to the airport, and have a look. WOW.  Big huge scratches.   

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So I called up my friend and ask him where does he sent his car to fix the dent and he recommended me this place.

This is my first time. 

So, I drove my car to Bluwel Automotive Service Pte Ltd.

Met up with this guy called “Kenny Yap” (As Soon).  He is a very nice guy.  Quickly take a look and say, no problem.  

And quote me on the spot.  

So, I also take the opportunity to show him all the scratches I have done before, including a pillar mark that I hit when I did a reversed parking and sensor could not detect the bar.

He took a look and say no problem.

I asked him what about the colour, he say no problem.

4-5 days works.  

IMG 2767













And 4-5 days later, I got my car back.  And it looks like it never happened before.

IMG 2763













All the scratch and dents are not there any more.  So, you can compare the photos and you will see that they actually fix my car for me.

IMG 2762













Look at the back?  I forgot to that the “Before” photo, but the vertical dent and scratches just beside on the right of the Peugeot Lion icon was all gone!  Great Job Kenny.

IMG 2765













And all these cost about S$700 only.  

So, when you scratch your car, and you had an accident, and you have dents on your car, don’t sent it to the work shop.  Ask around, and there will be very good skilful people around and their price is very reasonable.  I am sure that if I bring it back to Peugeot, they will charge me at least $2K-$3k for the fix and man hours.  But here I feel that I save quite a lot.  Who knows, may be all these car agents also fix thru them and did a huge markup?  You never know.

So, I was so glad that they fix it so nice on my car.   

So, that day when I sent in my car, Kenney asked me if I need a car to drive while my car is in his workshop?  I told him no need.

So, I look around, I asked, wah… even your customer event sent in the Lambogini for your to fix the dent.  Kenny smile at me, and say “No, that is my car.”

WOW… speechless.







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  1. Kudos to Kenny for doing a great job with fixing the dent. That’s a pretty bad dent, and there’s no doubt that a professional repair will put a hole in your pocket. Good thing you’ve found the right person with the right skills to do the job for less!

    Joel Matheny @ Indiana Dent

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