Gadgets – Garmin Head-Up Display (HUD)

Date:  April 7, 2014

This is a typical GPS navigational map from Garmin.  There are too many info displayed on the map.

The same goes to Google Map.

So, when you are driving, how many times that you had a near miss of accident because you are trying to see the “Lane Arrow” on the top left corner, and then, verify the map at the centre while watching what is the speed limit on that road?

Well, sometimes, it can be dangerous.

IMG 2760










So what is the solution?

Garmin HUD.  

It connects to your Garmin App on your iPhone, and then project only the necessary information onto the glass panel.

And why it is safer?  Because it is a glass panel an you can see what is in front of you while reading the text.  

IMG 2752






















It has the lane direction info, the distant for the next action.  

i.e. Keep right, and turn right after 40 meter later.

It has the estimated arrival time.  And the speed limit.  In this case, it is 70 km/h.

As simple as that.

IMG 2754













It can sits on the dashboard nicely.

IMG 2757













Quite sleek too.

IMG 2758













Info from Garmin website.  But don’t buy from there.

This is where I bought it from.

This is the youtube introduction of Garmin HUD. 


So, the advantages of this gadget, is it’s simplicity of GPS display with the glass panel so that you got that see thru feeling and always stay alert.



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