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Date:  Apr 5, 2014

Not every kid is a super writer at young age.

For my Jay Jay, I need to spent a lot of time, and repeatedly asking him to write in a “structured” manner.

This week journal is “The Learning Journey to the National Orchid Garden”.

So, we begin with the “When”, “Where”, “Who”, “Why”, “What you have learned” & Conclusion.

Asking question, make him answer, and ask him to write down on the white board. 

IMG 2695

From sitting down to lying on the floor.  From 1 point to the 9th points.  Each pointer is a sentence.

IMG 2698

There you go.  The structure of his Journal this week.

IMG 2700

To ensure he knows what his thoughts and what he is about to write, take this chance to make him do “Show & Tell”.  Let him take the stage and tell you what he is about to write.

IMG 2701

Hmmm… Ah yes, don’t point out any error first.  Let him spot the error by himself.

So, when he look at the board, and then sync up with his mind and thoughts, usually he will spot the error himself.

“I go to the National Orchid Garden…”

Hey, wait a minute, why I did not use PAST TENSE here… 

“I went to the National Orchid Garden…”

So, the good thing about the white board is you can add, and remove things you want to say.  🙂

So, he also spotted something not quite smooth, and ask if he can add this and that…

That is how I try to train him to “think for himself”…

Which is quite good.

IMG 2703

After practise a few times, he is satisfy with the journal, then, he put this on productions.

By looking at the draft and start writing proper sentence.

I also teach him how to save time by using acronyms.  

i.e. LJ for Learning Journey.  NOG for National Orchid Garden.

IMG 2704

It will take some time for him to write down.  

Now, since he knew what he is going to write, he can write the journal neatly.

IMG 2705

Take all the opportunities to teach your kid.  

You, the parent are always his best teacher.

He will learn a lot of things from you.

Do spent that 10-20 minutes and patience with him.  

So that he can learn much faster.

Now we are in Term 2 of Primary 2.  It is amazing to see how your child think much maturely compare to Primary 1.

This is the greatest experience of all, and if you got time, like me, you can pen it down.

When they grow older, and when they found these blog entries, they will appreciate what we the parent has done for them.

They can always feel our love.

Happy Teaching!

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