Jay’s Super Putts

Date:  Mar 30, 2014

Today is outdoor day.  Here we are at the Millennium course again.  It is very hot day.

IMG 2504

The coach is teaching them putting today.  There will be the putting distant and putting accuracy.


Also, how to read the green.  Read the slopes, and also so golf ethics.


This is the putting accuracy.  Putt to the small circuit.  There are some small slopes as well. both downhill and uphill.


Let’s take a look at how he do in a small competitions.

He scores 7 points, the highest.  (1 point for passing thru the circle, and 2 points to hit within the circle).


 Or ya, last week was the monthly medal competition.  Again, the two winner are Jay & Martina (boys and girls team).

IMG 2536

Last week is hitting accuracy.  Have to hit betweens the cones, and hit to the circuit for chipping too.

IMG 2538

This is why he won last week medal.  Solid driver shot.

Not too bad iron shots too.  No topping the ball, straight and passing thru the cones, etc.

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