Operation Saving Emmet

Date:  Mar 29, 2014

It’s Lego time!

IMG 2427

This week, at the Wonder Work Robotics class, the kids are assigned a mission.

To save Emmet from the tall tower, where the Kragel is about to glue Emmet permanently.

IMG 2455

So, here comes the first few tries… The route is correct, the stop is correct, but the spin is not.  It is too far away from Emmet.

After many tries.  Here is another one.

Yes, the hand able to sweet Emmet but Emmet drop from so high up and end up dead.

See… Emmet dead.  Wahahahahaha.

IMG 2460

Yeap.  Just like Emmet, face down and dead!

IMG 2453

After many trouble shooting.. Finally, he got it!  But placing some wheels at the seat there.  Wahaha

Emmet is finally save.

IMG 2466

After so many months, teacher Enzo still amaze me with his resourceful projects.  It is like never ending.  Wahahaha

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