Book Reviews – How to Talk to Dads

Date: Sep 15, 2013

This book “How to Talk to Dads” by Alex Greven is a book all 7 years old kid should have and read.

I saw this book that day I think in Kinokunnia book store and after a few pages I scan thru, I bought the book.

I show it to Jay, and he took it one side and sit down reading it.

5-10 minutes later. Jay is still reading it. I think he must be finding this book very interesting.

Later on, I found out that he brought the book to school for many days.

This week I found out he loan the book to his best friend, Lukas. Hahaha

This is a great book for daddy who wants to be a good daddy.

It is also a good book for the kid who wants to learn what daddy think.

And he is right! Daddy sometimes will let the son play Xbox or Wii or iPad. But daddy always have a darker side that kids should be aware of.

I like the way how this book says daddy sometimes will sweep things under the rug. In fact I really do.

I meant I really do hide my gadgets and stuff under the bed for easy retrieving or so. Haha and when Jay and Kay did something bad I will help them keep a secret.

Of course I don’t agree to that daddy will always listen to mom’s opinion. Every family is diff mah! Haha

Yes. At my home, the kids clearly know who is the boss. Daddy is always the fun daddy like bringing kids to Bangkok when mommy not around.

Beware kids, daddy has two sides. The dark side is darker with his lightsaber. Oops, not should be Mr. Cane not lightsaber.

Yes. Do not let your kid too easily to quit on anything.

1. Always let your kid to choose what they want to learn. Please try to.

2. When they decide to learn always ask them what they want to learn, to be, and how learning this could help. This will guide them make decision correctly.

3. Do not let them make decision so easily without questioning why. For me, Jay Jay can learn whatever he wish to learn, but the only thing is I do not let them quit. Unless they complete a significant lessons like 1 year or so.

Lying is a big crime in this home. Both Jay & Kay knew this. That is who a kid should know when they young.

The more you lie the more you become a habit. So never treat kids lightly when they lie.

Wah long time Jay Jay never met with Mr. Cane. Hahaha

Manners is very important in a Chinese family. Learn how to respect others is also very important.

When the two brother fights, no matter what is the outcome, they must hug each other and say sorry to one another.

Respect means respect everyone. Especially our domestic helper. If I ever find Jay or Kay not respecting our domestic helper, I always sent Mr. Cane to meet them.

Kids drop the food on the floor kids picks up.

Kids finished their food, must bring the plates to the wash sink.

In order to be a great person I. Future, manners must start at home.

Of course! For those who has little siblings, this is important.

For the sake of to achieve harmony in family. Good for Feng Shui.

Always ask the one wrong doing to apologize, and both hug each other. The other have to be taught to accept apologies.

I not only do this at home, whenever I see Jay or Kay quarrel with friends, I will do the same treatment.

Hahahaha this is very true. Kids should learn the difference between kids and adults.

Of course I mostly apply this when I ask him to do some extra worksheets or home work.

Oh no! Why tell this secret to kids. Haha

I guess it’s alright. This is the most effective method in my opinion. Daddy talking to mommy pretending kids not listening. And a lot of ideas and good behaviors can be shaped using this method.

I love this page. I think Jay Jay must have learned this. When daddy is working at home, don’t come nag daddy.

Daddy is like Incredible Hulk. Kids don’t like daddy turn into the big green giant. Haha

The final message is to tell kids that daddy and mommy always love them. Always here to help them.

Yes. Daddy will always be there for you Jay & Kay.

You guys will make him very proud!

See… Jay Jay bring the books in his bag again! That is why I got chance to blog this entry. The kids are in Art Boot Camp. 🙂

It is his book now.

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