New Juicer

Date:  July 10, 2013

I posted the following back in June 16, 2011.  It is about the 5-Greens juice that I drank every day.

I have been doing that for many years.  

This year, I have changed another Juicer.  This juicer is better as all the skins and nutrition will remain in the drink.  🙂

We all know what we are looking for in fruits and veggies.  The antioxidant.   So, to preserve that, you will need this kind of machine to blend your juice.  

Tip:  Buy organic fruits and veggies.  The reason is simple, without the pesticides, and the chemical fertilisers, the fruits and veggies themselves need to produce more natural antioxidants to protect themselves, so, if you take organic fruits and veggies the nutritions value is much higher.

Caution:  OK.  Fruit juice is good.  But the best is to chew the fruits and veggies you are eating instead of juicing it.  For me, this is extra for me every day, but I will still chew my Japanese cucumber, cherry tomatoes and green apple every morning before my juice.  So, please don’t think that drinking the 5-greens juice will be enough.  The correct way of eating the food is to chew these food, so that your natural body produce that magical enzyme or something to enhance the nutrition values of the fruits and veggies.  hahaha

OK.  Let’s introduce the juicer I used.

IMG 4331

You can make a lot of things with this juicer, i.e. smootie, fruit juice, and even mushroom soup too.

IMG 4332

My wife bought it from an online store.  This is the brand.

IMG 4333

As you can see the skins are made into thicker juice.  But everything remains inside.  The most important thing is the nutritions.

IMG 4334

Look at the quality of the juice.  🙂  With the skin in there, it may taste a bit awful (esp with bitter gord and green pepper, etc), but it is drinkable.  For health sake, drink it lah!

IMG 4335



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