Clay Arts

Date:  July 11, 2013

Jay Jay went to a Clay workshop with Mr. Chew.  Together with Lukas, Louis and their mommy, Cheryl.  

IMG 3264

Mr. Chew is my wife teacher.  That is why sometimes during near mid-night, funny sounds come out from my kitchen washing area.  HaHaHa

IMG 4249

The aim is to learn how to make things you like with Clay.  So, they have to use their finger to do the clay figuring.

IMG 3263

It is a two days work shop.  The second day, they colour their clay.

IMG 3941

It was fun for the boys and mommy.  

IMG 3942

The following is Jay Jay’s product.  Very crude by 似摸似样.

IMG 4336

A yellow one and his name outside.

IMG 4337

A green one.

IMG 4338

A tank.

IMG 4339

I like this one.  The rabbit.

IMG 4341

The rabbit suppose to sit on a tank.  He says.

IMG 4342

Jay Jay is proud of producing these clays products.  

IMG 4343

His friends Lukas, Louis and their mommy made these.  But unfortunately, during transportation going home, they dropped all the three tigers.

IMG 4330

So, the songs is for them…  哈哈哈










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