iCook – Learned Some New Dishes

Date:  Apr 13, 2013

Yesterday, my wife invited some of her friends over to our place and we asked the iCook gang to come over to demo some new dishes.

IMG 0686

Glad to learn some of these new dishes, and it is very easy to cook with the iCook.

Don’t play play.  This is the menu…

IMG 06811)  

Let’s get to it… (I blog these so that next time when I cook, I can refer back to this blog entries for references).

A)  卤肉 Black Soya Sauce Stew Pork

Cut the 五花肉 Pork Belly into pieces.  Place it into the iCook pot.

IMG 0688

Some black thick soya sauce.

IMG 0689

Add in some light soya sauce.

IMG 0691

Add in some water.

IMG 0693

Add in some Chinese cooking wine.

IMG 0694

Pour the pre-prepared sauce into the pot.  So that the sauce is just enough to cover the meat.

IMG 0695

They are going to cook three dishes at the same time under one portable stove.  🙂

B)  马蹄香菇肉饼 Mince Meat with Water Chestnut and Mushroom

Stack the steaming pot on top of the black soya sauce stew meat.  

IMG 0696

Preparing this meat is very easy.  The ingredients are…

– Green onions leaves

– Mushroom

– Water Chestnut

– Mince Pork

Take a zip lock plastic bag, and then put all the ingredients inside.  And then, just mix it, by squeezing the zip lock bag.  So, no need salt, no need sugar or any soya sauce and so on.  We want to eat the original taste of the 原汁原味 meat taste.

IMG 0698

Place the meat on the steam plate.

IMG 0703

That’s it.  Place it on the steam pot.  And then cover it with another iCook pot.

IMG 0704

C)  Steam Tofu or Steam Tofu Egg?

One egg…

IMG 0705

Two eggs…

IMG 0706

6 eggs…

IMG 0707

Slowly beat the egg using a pair of chopstick.  Do not use fork or egg beater.  We do not want to have “bubbles” for these egg.

IMG 0708

In order not to have any bubble, you stir and beat it in one direction.  If you do two different direction, it is easier to produce bubbles and your egg will not be smooth.

IMG 0709

Buy unsweeten soya bean.  Make sure it is unsweet one.  Keep beating it.  You may add a bit of water too.

IMG 0710

So, continue beat it in one direction until it is smooth.

IMG 0712

It will looks like this.  No bubbles.

IMG 0713

This is how we stacked the three pots together and cook together, the stew meat, the water chestnut steam meat and the steam tofu egg.

IMG 0716

Use medium fire first.  Then, turn down the fire to small when the vapour seals has been form.  About 20 minutes later.  Turn off the fire.  And let it simmer for 5-10 minutes.

IMG 0717

Look at that.  Very smooth tofu eggs.

IMG 0760

That is how smooth the eggs is.  WOW.  So, I thought of some variation where you can put in some prawns or dried shrimps, etc.

IMG 0765

The water chestnut mushroom steam mince pork is also taste real good.  Really 原汁原味!The meat actually will have water come out.  So, you do not need to add any water or sauce when you cook this.  

IMG 0761

Look at the soya sauce pork belly.  It taste just nice.  And if you notice it, the sauce itself did not lose much.

IMG 0764

Well, they actually cooked 5-6 dishes at the same time.  I have 3 stoves and 2 portable stove of them to use.

So, here is the next dish which I like so much.

D)  Chinese Sausage Rice 腊味饭

pre-soak the rice for 15-30 minutes.  Use the big iCook wok.  3 cup of rice.

IMG 0719

Add in just enough water to cover the rice.

IMG 0720

Very simple ingredients…

– dried shrimps

– garlics

– mushrooms

– Chinese sausages

– gengers slices

– pork belly slices

IMG 0721

Place all the ingredient on top of the rice.  No need to mix it.

IMG 0723

use a medium small fire and cook for 20-25 minutes.

IMG 0724

After 20 minutes.  The rice is almost cooked, and it is time to stir it for 1 minute.  So that the color look nice like the next picture.

IMG 0743

Smell nice, look nice.  Open the wok cover, and then, stir it a bit.

IMG 0755

Add soya sauce, and sesame oil.

IMG 0756

Add some Shao Hsing wine.

IMG 0757

Cut some green onions leaves.  

IMG 0758

And continue stir it for 30 seconds or so.  Still smell nice, looks nice and of course taste nice.

IMG 0759

E)  ABC Spare Rib Soup

Cook a pot of water.  And then, soak the spare rib for 2-3 min.  Then, place the spare rib in a soup pot.

IMG 0725

Very simple ingredients.  Potato, Carrots, and Big Red Onions.

IMG 0726

Pour in the water just enough to cover the ingredients.

IMG 0728

Again, medium small fire.  Cook for 25-30 minutes.

IMG 0729

Again, you don’t need to put salt first.  As you want to drink a clear healthy soup.  Only put salt if needed.  The liquid did not vaporise away.  So, if you put 6 bowl of water in it, you most likely get back 6 bowls.  

IMG 0766

It has the 老火汤味。  And look at the potato and other ingredients.  It is not deform, but it has become very soft.

IMG 0767

F)  Steam Fish

This will blow your mind away.  hahaha

Ginger, green onions leaves, mushroom and tomatoes.

IMG 0730

Use a flat pan.  Put the tomatoes and ginger on to the pan.  NO OIL.

IMG 0732

Place the fish on the pan.  on top of the ginger and tomatoes.

IMG 0733

Ask the uncle to have “buttefly cut”  so that you can place the fish like this.

IMG 0735

Put the mushrooms on top.

IMG 0736

Put some soya sauce onto the fish.

IMG 0737

Place a little bit of water (one big spoonful) on top of the fish.

IMG 0738

That’s it.  

Wait now, I thought we are STEAMING the fish?  Where is the water?  No need to use steam plate????


IMG 0739

This is the amazing thing about iCook.  It cooking like steaming.  hahaha… after 10 minutes of small medium cooking, the fish is cook.  And you can place the fish on the plate like this.

IMG 0748

Amazingly, it really taste like a steam fish.  And it is fully cooked.  Look at the meat in the picture below.  It is unbelievable.  And it taste good.

IMG 0754

G)  Celery Sotong

Take a pan.  Cut the celery.

IMG 0740

Cut the squid.  And then, throw inside. 

IMG 0741

Again, cover it.  Small fire cook it for 5-10 minutes.  And it is done.  WOW.  Speechless.  and all of us finish the sotong very fast.

 IMG 0744

H)  Stir fry brocoli.

Use a pan.  put some olive oil.

IMG 0745

Put everything in there.  So, use small medium fire to cook it until you hear the frying sound.  And then, you open the cover and stir fry a bit.

IMG 0746

Cooking has become very easy ever since I got my iCook set.

IMG 0778

OK.  I also get to cook my 2-min steak using the iCook. 

IMG 0780

We had a great time.  and most importantly, I learned how to do more dishes using iCook.  🙂

All very simple.  Cook very healthy food.



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