Gadget – fitbit ONE

Date:  Apr 16, 2013

A friend of my recommend it.  So, I bought it.  “fitbit one”

IMG 0808

It is a wireless activity (walk, climb stairs and run) plus a sleep tracker.

So, it comes with a charger.  The battery will run for 7-9 days.  A total recharge is 2 hours.  Long battery life.

The USB fitbit wireless dongle is to be plug into the USB.  That is how it communicates with the fitbit.  So, when you are within 20 ft, it will automatically upload all the activity info onto the fitbit website.

IMG 0809

It is small.  So, you can put inside a clip and clip it on to your pants.  Then, it will record down all your activities.  

IMG 0811

Let’s give it a try.  I started to use it yesterday.  So, let’s see how it tracks my sleep.

WOW.  This is cool.  I slept 5 hours and 7 minutes yesterday.  (because I am watching a TV Series recently, so sleep little lately.  haha)

The important thing to know is… I score 98% on my sleep efficiency.  I actually moved 7 times thru out the 5 hours sleep.  And I fell asleep in 3 minutes.  COOL!  hahaha

Screen Shot 2013 04 16 at 6 25 34 AM

So, today, I went for a short jog and walking.  My RunKeeper (on iPhone5) tells me that I walked about 6 KM today.  I burned 436 calories.

Screen Shot 2013 04 16 at 10 21 46 AM

WOW.  It clocked 6.20KM.  That is pretty accurate.  It does not have a GPS, but it can count your steps and guess how long the journey you have walk.

IMG 0819

I actually walked 8504 steps since morning when I wake up.  On average, a healthy person should walk at least 70,000 a week.  So, I am doing pretty good.

IMG 0817

It even counted I walked up stairs when I was near the Clementi MRT station.  WOW.

IMG 0818

This is the calories burned.  Although it is different numbers than the RunKeeper.  But this gives you pretty good idea how much exercise you have done.

IMG 0815

Of course to encourage you, show you that you have done well today for staying healthy.  

IMG 0816

All these are recorded down in the web site.  So, that you can do comparison.  So that at any day, you fell that you have done little on the exercise, you can do more for that day.  

Screen Shot 2013 04 16 at 10 21 14 AM

It is an interesting gadget.  I like it, and I think this will make me aware of the exercise that I did for every day.  Get it!  (I bought it from Amazon).

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