Jay & His iPod Touch

Date: Apr 10, 2013

Jay Jay was having problems doing his Chinese homework from Berries enrichment class.

There are many Chinese characters that he has forgotten or it looks foreign to him.

So, in order to help him, I downloaded 新华字典 App for him.

So, I asked him to write the Chinese character that he does not know. For example, 大 (of course Jay knows this word!)

So, it will gives you the meaning with the Pin Yin. So, I asked him to write the Pin Yin just beside the word so that he knows tge word next time when he sees it again.

By using this app, amazingly, he finished his 2 pages of home work on his own during my shower time. Previously, he would ask me what word is this and that.

So, using this method, he has a way to complete his Berries homework without parents guidance. This is especially useful when parents need to work.

At the same time, by writing the word to find the Pin Yin and meaning also increase his learning speed. He will learn faster this way.

A lot of parents tempted to give or share their iPhones to their kids.

I recommend that you give iPod Touch to them. So that it really belong to them.

At the same time, make it clear that it is not a toy, but it is a learning tool. This is very important!

So, you don’t put a lot of arcade games on it. If you look at Jay’s iPod Touch, there is no angry bird or any other arcade games on it.

Only put in useful stuff for them.

Jay can iMessage me any time he wanted too.

Jay also can FaceTime me if needed.

The FaceTime is good and it allows you to see your child facial expression when you speak to him.

So what else I have for him. I got a Cross Word games called “Word 365″… This is for him to learn new vocab.

I have Sudoku school for him to start learning Sudoku. Jay now slowly learned 2×2 sudoku.

He loves to play it.

Soon, I expected him to play sudoku on the newspaper magazine.

I have key in his sight words and weekly spelling into the Spelling Board.

So he can learn and take the spelling quizzes.

I can check his progress from the history. How many times he took the test, how many times he learn the spelling, how long he spent each time.

For new English words, he can use the word wizards to learn the new words. Learn the phonics and so on.

There is a Brain School programs for him to play some puzzles game suppose to improve logic thinking…

There is a Chinese Sight Words program to learn Chinese new words too.

Teach you how to write too.

Of course not to forget his Pei Tong school app.

Of course in the daily todo list, I incorporate the iPod learning time in there too.

Of course you must restrict timing too. Such as must finish homework before doing the iPod Touch learning. Each time can only do 30min only and so on.

You slowly choose and install the App for him. At the moment I also have Wechat, facebook and email personalized to him.

So, the effect that you want to have by introducing iPod Touch to your kid is

1. Your kid owns and IOS device.
2. Learn using iPod Touch.
3. Gaming but educational.
4. Your kid will be happy and a happy kid tends to learn more and absorb more.
5. Your kid will get use to using technology to assist in growing knowledge.

Welcome to the space age.

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