Date:  Apr 9, 2013

It’s heating up!  BN Vs. PKR.  I have voted before.  So, I don’t have to register again to vote for the next General Election in Malaysia.  So, I went into the following website, key in my IC/MyKad.  I got the following message that I don’t understand majority of it.  My Malay really lousy huh?

Screen Shot 2013 04 08 at 8 39 31 AM

So, I was mentioning this to my Malaysian friend.  And that friend suddenly said actually I can “SELL” my votes.  I asked again, “sell it to who”?  He said, yes, sell it to either BN or PKR.  Both side buy votes.

Hmmmmm….. Interesting.  “Both side” buy votes.  He mentioned ls around RM500.  HaHaHaHaHa…

Came across this Manifesto comparison between BN and PKR.  (In Chinese) … it is going to be an interesting fight between BN and PKR…

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