A New Gadget – Tuscani Water Jet

Date:  Jan 29, 2013

I used a lot of Grohe products especially for shower head.  But sometimes, Grohe really cannot do the work.  So, I end up searching for a good shower head for myself.

So, I came across this brand front he Hardware store.  Tuscani made from Italy.

IMG 6470

I bought the Rombusto R6180 series.  I think this toy is less than S$70.  Compare to Grohe price, it is cheaper by I think 4-5 times.  My problem with Grohe is the shower head is simply “too heavy”.  I need to constantly tighten the holder spring in order to hold the Grohe shower head.  So, I fed up with it, and I found this Tuscani shower head.  The packaging does looks very cheap.

IMG 6471

It has 5 different jets.  It has the Saturating, Saturating + Jet, Saturating + Mist, Mist and Jet.  It is a combinations of jets, mist and saturating which control the water pressure by ball bearing insides.  

IMG 6469

Not sure what does the Water Flow against Pressure means, but I used it, and I found that the water pressure is much better than the Grohe one.

IMG 6474

My wife complaint that it is very small, only 9.5cm.  But the bigger it is, the smaller the water pressure.  So, I need hot water to come out from the jet very strong.  I cannot stand small water pressure.

IMG 6473

The shower head looks like this.

IMG 6475

You can tell the water pressure is quite strong after going thru the shower head.

IMG 6476

Then, you turn on the jet in the centre and it gives you some massage function.

IMG 6477

Or you can turn the full jet on to wash your legs.  HaHaHa

IMG 6478

All the 5 functions are in this video clip.  It is quite cool.  It is cheap and good.  And the water pressure came out from the shower head is acceptable.  So, if you want to look for good shower head, this could be it.  Happy Shopping!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/Tm5aBx3Z9-E

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