Kay Kay & Piano

Date:  Jan 26, 2013

Who is sitting in front of the piano???

IMG 6504

OK.  Who said that peer competition is nothing??

One fine day, this kid (Kay Kay) came back from school and ask mommy, “Why you never sent me to learn Piano.  I want to learn Piano.”

We were like “HUH?  WHY?”

Our home has no piano.  There is no music gene in either my wife or myself.  So, why Kay Kay wants to learn Piano???

Kay Kay: “Because Noah Lee got learn.”

Mommy: “OK… Are you sure?”

Kay Kay: “Nidal also learn piano.”

This is purely peer competition and peer pressure.  But we like it. 

Jay Jay wants to learn a lot of things by his own will.  We were afraid and worry about Kay Kay as he has not shown any sign of interest beside the Art Boot Camp.  When we asked if he likes swimming? No.  Taekwondo? Nope.  Violin?  No.  Badminton?  No.  Football?  Nope.  Tennis?  Nope.  Some how this kids just refuse to have interest in these activities.

So, if Kay Kay ask for it, his wish is our command.  HaHaHaHaHaHa


So, on Sunday, same time slot with his koko, we got him a Piano teacher.  Mr. Yong Kai Lin.


What an coincident, teacher Kai Lin, also have a “Kai” in his name.  So, Kai teaches Kai (Liew Sin Kai), should have not problem la.


The first lesson is to be able to find all the 8 keys.  Kay Kay at first shown huge resistant in this class.  May be the teacher has no hair and he is a bit of afraid?  HaHaHaHaHa… We have to negotiate with 3x sweets, 1 hour of iPad education game (while waiting for koko later at Taekwondo).  Then, he has no problem learning.  He takes about 20min to warm up.  

And he found the last C key.

IMG 6501

High Five!

This Kai Lin lao-shi actually has an impressive resume, and can see that he is totally a music guy.  He can teach piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, etc.  He study in some music school in Vienna, and has been in US for 9 years playing musics, etc.  Now part time in the art music school opposite Rendevous hotel, and here.  So, I think he will be a good teacher for Kay Kay.  We learned at Elite Music @ Sultan Plaza.

One more thing… he can speak Mandarin, so, we think it is good to have him speak mandarin so that to increase mandarin exposure beside school.

IMG 6502

Next, he will have to find the C & D & E key which is Do-Re-Mi.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/cgtYve5utHU

And Kay Kay loves playing games in the Piano lesson.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/IT2BTM7ouo0

 So, I think Kay Kay start having some interest in Piano, so, let’s make it a routine.  So, we will have to move the Art Boot Camp class.  May be move to Saturday or later in Sunday afternoon.  

IMG 6503

As for Jay Jay, he still hang on to his Violin.  As soon as he can pick up and read the music notes, long short playing without error, will make him take test.  hahaha


But I love him playing … free music mah.  hahaha


So, if Kay Kay learning piano, he must have a piano at home.  Before we really commit to buy a piano for him, let’s make him play on this “SEPARABLE Folding Silicone Piano”.  I went to Canton Fair last year, and I saw this quite nice, so, I bought it.  It is not cheap for China standard, but it is new and never saw it before, so, I thought one day it might have some use.  At first I thought of giving it to my mother in law, as she play piano.

IMG 6531

And now, I have to let Kay Kay use it.  So, before we get a new piano for Kay, let’s use this and it is a full size piano, I think.  

IMG 6532

It is a functional piano.  And it is good enough for young kids like Kay Kay.  I am so glad that I bought this in my last trip to China.  Otherwise, I will be headache on where to get a piano for Kay Kay.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/z2HrkVYDGdI

IMG 5168

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