P1 CARE Programme

Date:  Jan 22, 2013

[UPDATES:  Jan 26-2013]

How overweight is Jay?  This is how heavy he is.  37.7kg, and he needs to take off about 9.6kg to be 28.3kg.  HaHaHaHa But I am glad that he is doing so well in the CARE programme.

23/1 – Wednesday run 15 rounds

24/1 – Thursday run 20 rounds (he asked the teacher if he can run more)

25/1 – Friday run 14 rounds (I asked him to run just enough and not so tired)

So far so good.

IMG 6417

[End of UPDATES]

Jay Jay always been a good kid.  He is just like his daddy, always got that passion for food.  So, since very young, he loves to eat all kinds of food.  He loves vegetables too.  Because he thinks eating vegetables can make him taller.  That is what he wrote in his English worksheet the other day.  Well done.

IMG 6293

Again… a bit well done!  HaHa… 

As expected, Jay Jay has been assessed to be overweight!

IMG 6386

So, I have signed the paper to put him on CARE programme.  All he has to do is from Tuesday to Friday, from 7:20am to 7:40am, instead of sitting in the canteen table reading books, he has to go to the Sports Hall and run 14 rounds of a size of 2x Basketball courts.  I personally felt that it is good for him.  So, this is how I have prepare him.

  Daddy: “Don’t feel sad when other people not running but you.”

  Jay: “Why?” 

  Daddy: “You should feel proud about your body, you are SLIGHTLY overweight, because you eat a lot.  You eat a lot of vegetables, and that is why you are taller than most of your classmates, and of course, you are A BIT FATTER than those people.”

  Daddy: “The most important think is, you are HEALTHIER than most of them.”

  Daddy: “Look at your brother Kay Kay, he is very thin, but that is because, he refuses to eat a lot of things.  By doing so, his body is WEAKER.  And compare to your body, you are STRONGER.” 

  Jay: “OK.”

  Daddy: “If there are other student LAUGHING at you… Please IGNORE them.”

  Daddy: “They only know how to laugh, but they forgot that they are not doing EXERCISE.”

  Daddy: “So, you are STRONGER than them because you DO MORE EXERCISE.”

  Jay: “OK.”

  Daddy: “What you should do?  You should RUN AT YOUR OWN PACE or YOUR OWN SPEED“.

  Daddy: “Do not RACE with your classmates.  This is NOT A COMPETITION.

  Daddy: “There is NO #1.  There is EXERCISE to MAKE YOUR BODY STRONG.”

  Jay: “You mean running like this… (showing the slow motion running)…”

  Daddy: “No, run at your own speed, not too fast, not too slow.”

  Daddy: “And once you have finished 14 rounds, go tell teacher you have finished.”

  Daddy: “If you did not finish, teacher may deduct some points of merits, you know.”

  Jay: “Oh.”

See, even a simple care programme, there is a lot of 道理 that you can teach your kid.  So, let’s see how he will be doing in his CARE PROGRAMME.  I think it should be fine for him after all these preparations.  

Jay Jay, may the FORCE be with you!

IMG 6387

Let’s take a good look at the CARE programme… These are the slides I took down during the orientation day.

IMG 5720

I think Jay Jay will love it.  Since he likes Mr. Kenny Chua (the PE teacher) so much.

IMG 5721

Tuesday Tennis lesson.

Saturday Badminton lesson (possible), Ad-hoc Football.

Sunday Taekwondo, Badminton and Swimming.

Everyday, bicycle after dinner.

I think we have a great programme too for Jay Jay at home.

IMG 5722

I don’t think Jay Jay is physical inactive.  He actually eats a little bit too much.  He do exercises, but not enough to burn his calories.

IMG 5704

OK.  On average it is a problem nationwide.  But my Jay is OK as he does not eat a lot of junk food.  So, it is just a little too much food for him.

IMG 5705

Jay does not watch TV except during Saturday and Sunday.  So, I am guessing he has about not more than 4 hours TV times.  As for video games, although we have Wii, XBox, iPads, iPhones and computer, Jay spends may be less than 2 hours on them per week.

IMG 5707

Yes, I can see over the place.  It is a problem that Cyber sport has slowly invade our kids.  I am glad that the way how we teach our kids and how our kids accept it.

IMG 5708

This is also the main problem.  For Kay Kay, I love to bring him to Mc Donald so that he can eat more, grow more weights.  But Jay, cannot.

IMG 5709

Yes.  Kids nowadays really walk and run lesser.

IMG 5710

As a parents of course we are aware of all these.

IMG 5711

But between eating and not eating, I rather the kid eats a lot and we deal with the obese issue later.  Kids have to stay healthy.

IMG 5712

This is important.  Start young.

IMG 5713

IMG 5714

I think we achieve this every week.  As parents we of course must participate in all these activities too.

IMG 5715

OK.  This is a little bit too extreme.  90min per day is too much.  🙂  Of course as a PE teacher, he has to promote sports.

IMG 5716

I am glad, Jay is taller by average.  

IMG 5717

Yes, since young, we taught Jay Jay about this.

IMG 5718

And I hope thru this CARE program, he can be come even slimmer.  But yet still eat a lot.

IMG 5719

Make them feel good about the CARE programme.  And of course, prepare them well.  

IMG 5168


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  1. Gluttony is a sin. We shouldn't encourage our children to eat MORE. The most important thing is to have a balanced diet and sufficient nutrition. By your reasoning, you seem to encourage your children to eat indiscriminately and excessively, and then think about the consequences later (by doing exercise to burn away the calories). That is not healthy.

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