Jay Jay Daily Routines

Date:  Jan 22, 2013

For working parents, I found it quite impossible to spent lots of time with your kid during the day time after they come back from school around 2:20pm.  So, the only way to train them is to have the habit of following to-do list.  

For example, on Monday, after he come back from School, he basically had nothing to do from 2:20pm to 6pm until we come back.  So, with the supervision from my domestic helper who is also a teacher in Philippines, Jay Jay will be doing all these task.  And after he has done the task, he can put a tick in the box.  So, when I come back from work, I will counter check with his work.  

IMG 6389

I think it is quite effective.  This is the only way to train him to be responsible for his own free time.  And the important concept is to “finish the homework earlier”.  And also asking him to learn the spelling on his own.  And when we come back, we get to give him the spelling practise.

IMG 6388

So, today, he has done well.  When I come back to fetch him for tennis, he is half way reading the “Young Scientist” magazine.  

IMG 6398

So, for us, the parent, we also start the habit of assigning work for the kid to do.  Until one fine day that Jay Jay has master the skill of SELF-LEARNING, then, we can relieve for a while.  🙂

IMG 6399

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