Tennis Lesson – A Real Lesson

Date:  Jan 22, 2013

Today, we the parents learned a real lesson about coaching tennis.


“If you are not a tennis coach it is better don’t teach your kids…” 


This is so true…

Some of Jay’s friends arrived early around 4:30pm at the tennis court so that they can practise.  So, the parents including me start throwing the tennis balls to  our kid.

“Jay, must focus.  Focus on the ball, and swing the racket.”

Hmmm…. I threw 10 balls, and Jay was only able to hit 20%-30% of it.

“Jay, be focus.  Look at the ball.  See how it bounce.”

Some how, Jay Jay simply just could not hit the ball well.

When coach Zul came in and teach.  Surprisingly all can hit the ball well.  The hitting rate is > 70%.  


OK… What went wrong?

1.  We, the temporary coach, is standing too far away from our kid.  And when we throw the ball, it is not consistent.  The ball actually bounce here and there. So, the kid got confuse about hitting the ball.  As we observed coach Zul simply stand beside the kid, and drop the ball in front of him.


2.  Now, when we get frustrated, we start to speak with a little bit louder voice and start questioning why they not focus?  Well, that is a No-No for a coach.  Remember, the kids love to play iPad games because the games always encourage them.  🙂 

3.  I am afraid that Jay Jay hit the ball at me.  Very pain once hit your face.  hahaha But coach Zul does not seems to be afraid.  Sometimes, he just simply stand in front of the kids.


So, after we saw how coach Zul taught the kids, we realise why we cannot teach our kids effectively.  🙂 hahaha

Here is the video… See it yourself and you will know what I meant. 


In general, these kids did well today.  Keep up the good work.

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