Hair Cut: N2 is a Powerful Word

Date:  Jan 21, 2013

I love to blog about my son going to saloon for a hair cut.

  Daddy: “Now you are N2 already!”

  Kay Kay: “Yes, daddy.”

  Daddy: “So that means that you can sit on the chair alone and cut hair?”

  Kay Kay: (*Thinking*)

  Daddy: “N2 wor… no longer N1…”

  Kay Kay: “OK!”

Yes, indeed, “N2” is a more powerful word even though Kay Kay is still only 3 years and 5 months old.  The use of “N2” gives an impression of “Growing Up”, “4 Years old”.  Be careful though, your kid usually is smart, so, if you instead say “You are 4 years old now”, they might argue that they are still “3 years old” and “have not had their birthday cake yet!”.  

This is Kay Kay who miss his last month hair cut because of Jay’s busy schedule on Sunday.  In fact, we no longer can go to our part time hair stylist place for hair cut as she only cuts hair on Sunday.  🙁  His hair is touching his eyes.  He really needs a hair cut.  So we decided to bring him to Mommy’s hair stylist place at Anchor Point.  Unfortunately, James koko is on MC, so, we settle with another hair stylist.  Let’s hope everything goes well.

IMG 6340

So, the earlier conversation went so well.  And Kay Kay agrees to sit alone on the chair.  Previously, he usually sit on my laps and cut hair with me holding him.

So, when you are N2, you really have grown up.  And you really sit alone.  Bravo!

IMG 6350

I am so glad that Kay Kay has grown up.

IMG 6351

Of course, you still need Mr. iPad’s help playing Kay’s favourite Thomas show.  And this time, I loaded “Blue Mountain Mystery” a new show for Kay Kay to watch.  Since he has not seen this show before, so, he is quite focus in watching this new show.

IMG 6352

So, hair stylist JieJie can do what ever to him, and he really didn’t notice it.

IMG 6355

So far so good.  I was a bit worry, as this JieJie seems new, cut hair very slow.  But surprisingly, Kay Kay still sit tight in the chair.  Sometimes he will move here and there a bit, just have to let him know not to move otherwise hair cut will be ugly.  

Hmmmm…. he understood what “Ugly” means… HAHAHAHAHAHA

IMG 6357

The show I loaded this time is a 1.5 hours show.  So, I make sure there is no interruption.  This is important, because you don’t want your kid shake his head to look for you so that  you can start a new show when a short TV show ends.

IMG 6360

15 min later, his hair looks much more neater…

IMG 6361

  “Very handsome!”

  “Gwen likes this!”

  “Colette likes this!”

  “NaNa loves it”


These are just encouragement words that you need to keep talking.  So to make him feel good about having hair cut by himself.

IMG 6363

It takes him one whole year for him to stop crying when having hair cut during his N1 years.  And now, I felt so proud of him sitting there by himself having a hair cut.  He has grown up.

IMG 6364

What’s KoKo doing?  Oh yes.  This is probably the only time the kids can enjoy my iPads for so long.  So, I can see that both of them are enjoying this precious moment very much.  HaHaHaHa

IMG 6366

OK.  And it is done.  

IMG 6369

Turn your head to the side and show me.

IMG 6370

Not bad at all.  

IMG 6371

As for Jay Jay.  He just had his hair cut 2 days before school start.  Which is 3-4 weeks ago.  And now, his form teacher informed us that his hair is touching his ear.  So, he too has to have a hair cut.

IMG 6372

As usual, very steady sitting there and have the hair cut.

IMG 6374

And we going to do this every month!

IMG 6373

And make sure Jay Jay hair never touch the ear again.  HaHaHa

IMG 6375

Of course, I also negotiated the TOYS with Kay Kay before the hair cut.

  Daddy:  “If you can sit there alone, I will buy toy of you.  How many you want?”

  Kay Kay: “1-2-3-4…”

  Daddy: “No No No… we cannot be so GREEDY.  So, cannot have 4, 3 or 2.”

  Kay Kay: (*Think Think*)

  Kay Kay: “OK!  1!”

So, at the end of the hair cut, I went with him to buy a small little token toy for him.  

IMG 6376

In fact, I bought three as it is cheaper buying three.  So, the kids are even happier.  And playing with the toy’s tongue, clip it on the chop sticks, etc.  Because it makes squeezy sound, then, the restaurant waiter come and tell us other customer were complaining bout the sound.  So, we keep the toys.  hahaha

IMG 6377

I immediately WhatsApp the photos and video to my wife who just landed on US.  She is very happy to see Kay Kay cutting hair alone.  And of course, she knew only Daddy can make this young rebellion Kay to do the impossible things without Mommy around.  HaHAHaHaHaHa

Here is a little video clip I took when he is cutting hair.



IMG 5168

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