A Typical Packed Sunday Activities

Date:  Jan 21, 2013

My son Jay Jay has chosen to do these activities on every Sunday.  And I think it is good for him to choose his own ECA.  And that is why our Sunday were so packed with these activities.  I am not sure who is the one influence him, but I am glad he gets to pick his own activities.  And so far, he is still keen in these activities.  And I can see he has become skilful a bit in these activities, not necessary the best, but as a parent, I am already satisfy with what he has achieved.  

Fortunately, I kept the whole SaturdayFREE so far…  That is very important.  As this is the day where Jay and Kay the two siblings can play together.  Ever since Jay Jay went into P1, Kay Kay can hardly play with Jay Jay.  Kay Kay actually misses his KoKo company @ Lorna Whiston.  So, Saturday is definitely a day where Jay Jay and Kay Kay can spent hours of time playing together…

Recently, Jay Jay came back and express huge interests in joining badminton class, and that is on Saturday morning 9am-11am in either Nan Hua or Pei Tong Primary School.  So, I have to let him go.  I guess, if the class is early in the morning, I think it is still fine as it gives us a full lunch to dinner time to do things together for the siblings.

This is how his schedule looks like during weekend.  We are so glad that Jay Jay went into morning class for his Primary 1.  That gives a lot of “free time” during weekdays.  That is why we can put his “I can Read” and “Berries” class in Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.  

Screen Shot 2013 01 21 at 7 05 30 AM

Some how, he still likes his violin.  As mentioned before, both me and my wife are not from musical background.  So, we would not know how to teach him this.  

IMG 0104

I made him play some old songs.  In fact the very fist song – Twinkle Twinkle little star, and capture him in this following video.  OK.  The 2nd part not so good, but at least he can now memorise the how songs and play the piece to us.  In fact, this is the first time he ever does this!  And we are so proud of him.  The more he practise the more he become skilled.  That is the key.  

And off we go to Violin class around 10:10am.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/yrtnhn3fQ3c

After the violin class, his Taekwondo class started at noon.  He is now yellow belt going to take the grading on Feb 2/3 for his Green Tip belt.  He has lots of fun in the Taekwondo.

IMG 6291

Then, we will have a simple lunch.

IMG 6293

Of course a healthy one too.

IMG 6294

And around 2pm, we have Riandi’s daddy help to train Jay and Lukas in badminton.  🙂

IMG 6304

Kay Kay and Gwen will sit aside playing…

IMG 6295

Oh… They are playing the bugs…

IMG 6307

Lukas’ mommy and Riandi’s mommy playing at court 16.

IMG 6312

Jay Jay is happy and still seems very energetic.

IMG 6325

Then, we get Riandi’s mommy to train the kids…

IMG 6336

 OK.  This is the 3rd week Jay Jay has started holding a badminton racket, and I think he is doing OK.  Now can hit some shuttlecock.  Like what I say, more practise and become skilled.  

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/2qIBte_-KZo

Yeap!  We going to do this every weekend.  I have rented the court on Jan 27 & Feb 3.  🙂

3:45pm, and we got to go.  As Jay Jay will start his swimming lesson at 4pm.  


After the swim, usually his buddy Conrad will stay for an hour or so to play with him together.

And then, we had dinner, and do some homework.  The key message to teach the kid is


IMG 6343

Of course Kay Kay has to do homework too!

IMG 6345

And a final check on Jay before sleep.  The eyes a bit tired because of the activities.. but I think he is happy and will sleep well.

IMG 6339

Have a good night sleep Jay Jay!

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