Gadget – AirFly Bluetooth Dongle to Connect your AirPod to Airplane Entertainment System

Date:  Dec 25, 2019

OK, so, you bought the very cool, latest version of AirPods that support noise cancellation.

And the next thing you want to do is to bring it on board an airplane.

Wait now!!!!!! How do I connect it to the airplane entertainment system???


Don’t worry, that is why AirFly come to the rescue.  They even sell it on the SIA planes.  (older version).


What is it?

It is a bluetooth audio dongle.  Plug this AirFly to your normal airplane audio adapter.  And pair it with your AirPods.  (you don’t have to plug the USB cable in, it happened that I was charging the AirFly at the same time using that supplied USB charging port on the left).


What you do, is to plug this into the flight audio port with the adapter (adapter does not come with it, you have to buy that from other places.

Next press and hold the button for few seconds to see flashing light.


Open your AirPods 2 case, and press and hold the round white button on the Airpods 2 case for few seconds until it flashing white light.

Put both close to each other.  And it will pair automatically.


Then, put on your AirPods and enjoy the noise cancellation feature and watch your movie.


So, I have dumped my Bose noise cancelling headset and replace it with this.  The quality of AirPods 2 is roughly about 90% of what Bose can do.  But it is good enough for me.

Pros (AirPods 2 + AirFly):

  1. Wireless/Bluetooth is always portable.
  2. Light and easy.
  3. No wire.

Cons (AirPods 2 + AirFly):

  1. AirPods 2 battery life <<< AirFly or Bose.  Bose one can works on more than 10 over hours.  AirFly can works for more than 10 over hours too.  But AirPods can only works for a few hours.  Then, you have to place the AirPods back to the case for quick charge.
  2. The quality of AirPods is not as good as wired Bose noise Cancelling headset.  It is about 10% plus minus lose out.


It is convenient.  But because it is wireless, its battery life needed to improve.


Conclusion:  I will use this because of the cool factor compare to the wired Bose noise cancelling headset.  Look at Jay.


Oh wait… there are more…

This has just arrived from Amazon.


The latest model.  Which can support 2x wireless headsets.  i.e. 2x AirPods 2.


Apparently it is one of the hottest products nowadays.  I was lucky to get one from Amazon.

Look at the size  And the diff is it has better Bluetooth module, and it supported 2x wireless devices.


And it is fast charge using USB-C compared to the old model.


Oh, it is AirFly Duo.


I will keep this one, and Jay can have my old version.



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