Interested in Painting

Date:  Sep 15, 2012

As you know Kay Kay is very picky on everything.  So, when you get a chance to see he is interested in a subject, you will think of all sort of method to keep his interest level high.

IMG 1488

This week, his favourite teacher Tina is teaching adult class on the other side.  So, there is a new teacher.  But we were sort of lucky as this week is back using the Acrylic paint where Kay Kay loves to put his hand in.

IMG 1490

He has a new classmate.  A girl.  So, you can see that he is playing with her later… his laughter is so loud, when he get very excited.

IMG 1492

His impression of butterfly.  HaHaHaHa….

IMG 1495

Btw, this is the first class, after 4 weeks, he finally put on his Artist Apron.

IMG 1498

Hope he continue in this form.

IMG 1500

When can he paint like Mickey.

IMG 1507


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