First Hair Cut at 3 Years Old

Date:  Sep 16, 2012

Kay Kay having his first hair cut at 3 years old.

IMG 1571

Still, he needs to sit on my lap.  And I have to prepare the iPad movies – i.e. Thomas for him.

IMG 1565

He still feel itchy and bend here and there.  Ice is skilful enough to handle such situation.

IMG 1566

A lot of angle you need to twist your hand to cut Kay’s hair.

IMG 1567

When he gets really comfortable, Kay simply lie down.  He has not gotten his afternoon nap yet.

IMG 1568

It’s almost down!

IMG 1569

See, nice hair cut.

IMG 1580

Jay Jay, is always cool.

IMG 1575

Jay is like a bog boy.  Sit there, watch his own show, and let Ice 姐姐 cut his hair.

IMG 1576

So cool look.  HaHaHaHaHa

IMG 1577

We had the whole saloon by ourself.  Ice came and open the saloon and cut our hair.

IMG 1589

Jay sure looks happy.

IMG 1591

Soon or later, Kay will ask.  Why Koko wash hair, I don’t have?  HaHa for now, he just stand there and watch.

IMG 1592

Short enough?

IMG 1601

This works on pets, also works on kids.

IMG 1583

Use this to remove the hairs.

IMG 1586

Great stuff!

IMG 1588

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