Swimming Cert

Date:  Sep 17, 2012

Today, during the swimming class, the coach finally hand out the long awaited swimming certificates for Jay Jay. 


SwimSafer Stage 1.

IMG 1615

SwimSafer Stage 2.

IMG 1616

With this two certs, Jay Jay now is very comfortable in the water.  He is not afraid of the water any more.  I did not actually know what does the Stage 2 do.  Here are some of the info.

SwimSafer Stage 2

Fundamental Water Skills (Swimming)

SwimSafer Stage 2 Entries & Exits

  • Perform a step-in entry

SwimSafer Stage 2 Sculling & Body Orientation

  • Demonstrate sculling in an upright position for 10 seconds with arms only.

SwimSafer Stage 2 Underwater skills

  • Search for and recover an object in chest deep water depth.

SwimSafer Stage 2 Movement / Swimming / Strokes

  • Swim 25m – Any stroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Backstroke
  • Survival Backstroke

SwimSafer Stage 2 Survival & Activity skills

  • Swim wearing clothing for 15m.
  • Demonstrate flotation survival technique
  • Correctly fit a PFD, jump into the water and swim for 5 meters and climb out of deep water.

SwimSafer Stage 2 Rescue Skills

  • N/A

SwimSafer Stage 2 Knowledge

  • Water safety rules in various aquatic environments

Next, will be the next level.  Stage 3 and then, we can go into Bronze, Silver and Gold.  He is almost 6 years old.  So, I think he should achieve his Bronze by P2 bah.  This is a sport he choose for himself.  So, he take it slow to learn.  

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