Our First NDP (Preview)

Date: Aug 4, 2012

We had never been to any NDP or NDP preview before. But since majority of my family are Singaporeans, mind as well be a “Virtual Sinaporean” and join in the fun! I know the kids will love it!

We bought our “Uniforms” I think from Giodano. I can’t recall there are instructions asking you to wear red, but it is a patriotic to wear red.

As for me, I will top up with my fancy yellow short to make me brighter! Hahaha

Anticipating The kids will be tired after the NDP, and huge traffic jam… We ask uncle Edwin help to book us a room at MBS. Kids enjoy the fun in the bath tub!

We prepared this as our dinner/snack. Later we found out people bring in Mc Donald la, Chicken Rice la, Satey la… Any kind of food you could imagine. Haha

This shall be the first time we walk on the bridge connecting the stadium and MBS.

The Helix bridge suppose to have lots of color at night!

Yes! We will be sitting at the green section!

A Lion Butterfly?

This is what we came here for, the amazing goodie bags. We have 4 and lots of things inside!

NDP is about lots of walking and climbing stairs. You have to prepare your kids for the stamina.

Ok. The seats is first come first serve. We are glad to sit at the first row at the entrance. We can put goodie bag at the back of the seat, and can access toilet easily too!

And let the Singapore greatest show begins. It is really different watching from TV. Here you gets lots of excitement and noises.

Wow! They even did not forget to ask people to kindly donate on that day. What will happen to the donation box later? No body knows and care.

No a bad view from here.

Very patriotic waving your Plastic stick (I don’t know what they call it) lots of noise lots of fun!

Waving your Singapore scarf.

And here comes the police force just behind us…

Very nice might view from the platform stadium here… Cool

I didn’t know how much fireworks they actually display in the NDP, but seems like full length… Lots of fireworks!

Mommy and Kay seems to have fun!

However, at the end of the day, it is I the virtual Singaporean knows how to sing the full length National anthem. Strange indeed. Haha

Waving flags…

And we concluded our NDP by ordering in room dining at the hotel. And it takes more than an hour for food to arrive.

Kay Kay loves the fish and chips.

Lastly! Happy Birthday Singapore!

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